How To Change My Email Address Through Gmail

It is not possible to alter your email address inside Google, therefore you must establish a new one.

You’ll need to establish a new Gmail account to generate a new email address:

Step 1: Go to the Google Accounts website to create a new account.

Step 2: Choose a new username and enter your first and last names. Your new email address will be this.

Step 3: Create a Gmail password and confirm it.

Step 4: Click the Next button.

Step 5: Enter your date of birth and gender, as well as a phone number and a recovery email address.

Step 6. Click Create Account after agreeing to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Using Gmail to Set Up Email Forwarding

You may wish to keep receiving emails sent to your old email address after you’ve established your new email account. You’ll need to forward those emails to your new account to do this.

Follow these steps to set up email forwarding:

1. Go to Gmail and sign in using your old Google account (i.e. the email account you want to forward messages from).

2. Click the cog in the upper right corner, then Settings.

3. Select the POP/IMAP and Forwarding tabs.

4. Select Add a forwarding address from the Forwarding area.

5. Type in the email address you wish to forward messages to (i.e. the new address you just created).

6. Select Next > Proceed > OK from the drop-down menu.

7. You’ll get a verification email at that new address, so click the link in the email to confirm your identity.

8. Go back to your previous account’s Settings page, reload your browser, and choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

9. Select Forward a copy of incoming mail to in the Forwarding section.

10. It’s a good idea to maintain a duplicate of your Gmail messages in your inbox.

11. Select Save Changes from the drop-down menu.

To discontinue forwarding, return to Settings and select Disable forwarding under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

Changing the name that appears in the “Send Email As” field.

When you send someone an email, you have the option of changing the name that appears in their inbox. Let’s suppose you presently display in your receivers’ inbox as “John,” but you’d like your full name, “John Smith,” to appear instead.

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click the cog in the upper right corner, then Settings.

3. Select Accounts and Import from the drop-down menu.

4. Select Edit details from the Send email as area.

5. Type in the new name you wish to appear in your messages.

6. At the bottom, click Save Changes.

Removing or Adding ‘dots’ in Your Email Address

As stated above, you typically have to establish a new Gmail account in order to set up a new email address. There’s one exception, and that’s if you want to modify your email address somewhat to eliminate the dots, if you have them.

If your email address is [email protected], but you want it to be [email protected], you don’t need to do anything. Google sees them as the same address, so you can simply start using the email address you want and your emails will reach your inbox.

Adding additional login email to your account

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on your profile image at the upper right, then click on Google Account.

3. In the Personal Info tab, click on the arrow next to Email.

4. Click Advanced.

5. In the Alternative Emails box, click Add Alternative Email.

6. You then need to enter your password to prove it’s you making changes.

7. Enter your alternate email and click Add.

8. Return to your inbox, where you’ll get a verification email with the updated modifications. Click on the link to confirm the change.

How to Change your Recovery Email in Gmail

Your recovery email is the email address you would use to access your account should you be locked out; for example, if you lost both your username and password, you’d need to use your recovery email address.

To modify it:

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click on your profile image at the upper right, then click on Google Account.

3. In the Personal Info tab, click on the arrow next to Email.

4. Click Recovery email, and then enter your password to prove it’s you.

5. Enter the new email address you’d want to use as your recovery email.

What You Need To Do Once You’ve Changed Your Gmail Address

1. Update Your Email Address on All Your Accounts

The unpleasant aspect about changing your email address is updating the information on all of your online accounts. First of all, you have to recall the accounts you’ve signed up for using your old email address, and secondly, you need to go in and change your information.

This step is considerably simpler if you’ve used a password manager, which stores all your login credentials in a single account. If you use a password manager, then set aside some time to go through all your online accounts and change your email address.

If you haven’t been using a password manager, then open up a spreadsheet and list down all your online accounts – your social media, online banking, shopping sites, blog subscriptions, and so on. One method to recall them is to conduct a search in your email account using phrases such as “unsubscribe,” “thank you for registering,” or “welcome to,” and you’ll be able to find emails from some of the accounts you’ve registered with.

2. Tell Your Friends and Family

This step is frequently neglected, but it’s essential that you let your friends and family know that you’ve changed your email address so that they may update their address books.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to contact them directly using your new email account. Depending on the amount of contacts, you could email everyone individually, send a blanket email to everyone, or build up smaller lists — say, one for your family, one for your friends, one for your work colleagues, etc. Be cautious to BCC everyone on your lists so you don’t wind up revealing email addresses of people who’d prefer remain anonymous.

Once you’ve delivered the news, it’s time to establish an autoresponder on your old email address, forwarding your contacts to your new address. Eventually, you’ll notice that less and fewer individuals will be contacting your old address and it’ll eventually stop functioning.

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