How To Delete a Large Amount Of Emails On Gmail

When you have a big number of emails in your Gmail inbox, this gets tough. As a result, workers must make it a habit to remove bulk emails from Gmail in order to keep their Inbox clean.

Google users have a number of alternatives for deleting all of their emails from Gmail. They may use these controls to precisely regulate which messages they want to remove. To remove numerous emails from Gmail in various situations, here are the ways to do that

Scenario 1: Delete a Large Number of Emails from Gmail in One Go

This situation is ideal if you want to remove all emails from your Inbox (or any other folder). Follow the steps outlined below:

1. Log in to your Gmail account and choose the Selection box from the drop-down menu. From the drop-down option, choose All.

2. Now, a statement comes with the indication that just 50 emails have been chosen for deletion at this time. Pick All…. chats in Primary if you want to select all messages in the Primary Inbox folder.

3. To delete all messages (with or without attachments) from your Gmail Inbox folder, click the Trash button.

Extra Tip: You may also utilize the Clear Selection option to delete all messages from your Primary inbox right now.

Use the methods below to delete emails from all Gmail mailboxes (including Trash, Spam, Snoozed, Draft, and others):

a) Login to your Gmail account and move your mouse pointer to the far left of the screen. As seen in the accompanying screenshot, choose More.

b) Select the All Mail folder from the drop-down option.

c) Without enlarging the Checkbox, click on it. It will select all of the messages in the current folder directly.

d) Select All since we’re deleting all of the emails from your Gmail account.

d) Finally, click Clear Selection to remove all of the bulk emails in one go.

Scenario 2: Erase Gmail’s Only Read/Unread Emails

Gmail users sometimes want to remove just the unread mails. Because these communications are usually irrelevant or worthless to a person, this is the case. As a result, we’ll go through how to remove just the unread messages from Gmail’s ‘All Mail’ folder.

Note: The same methods may be used to delete unread messages from other Gmail mailboxes.

1. Go to your Gmail profile and click the Selection drop-down button.

2. Select the Unread option from the enlarged menu.

3. Finally, click the Delete button to delete all messages with an Unread status.

If you only wish to remove Read, Starred, or Unstarred emails from a folder, modify the choice at Step 2. (2). The rest of the procedure will be the same.

Scenario 3: Using the Search Criteria to Remove Emails

It may be necessary for professionals to delete emails based on certain keywords. These keywords may be anything from an email address to a sentence to a word. Use the Gmail iSearch d’s box to delete messages based on keywords. We’ll show you how to delete emails based on an email address:

1. Go to your Gmail account and enter email id into the Search box. This is the email address whose messages you want to remove from your account.

2. Continue deleting numerous emails from Gmail on a regular basis by pressing the Enter key.

3. Use ‘Advanced Search’ if you want to apply additional personalized parameters. If not, go to Step 2. (4).

4. To pick all emails at once, click the Selection box. Then, to permanently delete texts without any faults, click the Delete icon.

Scenario 4: Make a backup of your Gmail emails before deleting them.

“Greetings, technocrats. I’ve come to find a solution to my issue. Basically, I want to back up my current Gmail data before permanently deleting it from Google’s servers. Backing up data is difficult, and then removing huge quantities of emails from Gmail is a time-consuming process. Could you help recommend a method that backs up all of my Gmail emails while also removing them from the server?”

Nothing is impossible in today’s world, and this situation is no exception. Yes, there is a way to make a local backup of Gmail emails while also deleting them from the account. Without a doubt, this frees up storage space and improves server speed.

To do so, you’ll need to utilize Gmail Backup, an automatic program (available for Windows and Mac). It’s a stand-alone program that lets you backup Gmail emails to PST, MBOX, and other popular file formats. Clients don’t have to worry about data security since the program is built using industry-standard security methods. These provide a safe atmosphere in which to do the job.

Apart from backup, the program has a Delete Once Download function that deletes all Gmail emails after they have been backed up. Customers must use a single click to enable this feature. After finishing the backup process, it deletes all emails from Gmail. The program is ideal for corporate customers that want to erase emails after they’ve been backed up.


We’ve gone through each of the four situations for deleting large amount of mails from a Gmail account.

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