How To Delete All My Messages In Gmail In Android

Unfortunately, it does not make removing all emails at once very simple. While you may select several emails and delete them all with a single touch, you can't do the same with all of your messages in your inbox. Let's look at how to delete numerous emails in the Gmail app to better grasp what we mean:

Follow these steps below:

1. Open the Gmail application.

2. Go to the folder where the messages you want to remove are stored.

3. On the left-hand side of the screen, tap the sender's symbol.

4. Continue pressing additional icons until all of the emails you wish to delete have been chosen (or at least those that you can see).

5. Select the Delete option.

To pick all emails in your inbox, suppose you had a thousand, you would have to touch a thousand icons. That's terrible enough on its own, but what if you just want to remove promotional emails? That isn't feasible with the Gmail app (learn how to delete all promotions in Gmail).

To remove all of your emails in Gmail at once, you'll need to download a third-party bulk email organizer and provide it remote access to your inbox. While it may seem difficult, it isn't, and later in this post, we'll go over all you need to know about removing all emails on Android using third-party cleaning applications.

To remove all unread emails in Gmail at once, follow our instructions.

1. Organize Your Inbox

Organize your inbox if it's overflowing with unwanted emails.

Clean Email is available for free.

How Do I Delete All Emails From My Samsung Galaxy Phone? (Samsung Email)

Samsung customers are in luck since their Android smartphones come with a powerful email software that allows them to erase all of their emails at once with little effort. This is what you must do:

1. Open the Email application.

2. Go to the folder where the messages you want to remove are stored.

3. To highlight a message in your Inbox, tap and hold it.

4. Tap the tiny circle with the word “tap” on it ““All” is used to emphasize all messages. It will be found in the screen's top left corner.

5. To remove all selected messages, use the Delete button.

This procedure may now be repeated for additional folders. Because all deleted email messages are transferred to the Trash folder, it's a good idea to remove the content as well. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to your mailbox by opening the Email app.

2. In the top-left corner of the screen, tap the three horizontal lines.

3. To access the trash, tap the “Trash” option.

4. To highlight a message, tap and hold it.

5. Tap the tiny circle with the word “tap” on it ““All” is used to emphasize all messages. It will be in the top left corner of the screen once again.

6. To permanently remove all chosen messages, use the Delete button.

Keep in mind that email messages can't be retrieved after they've been removed from the Trash bin.

Using Third-Party Cleaning Apps, Delete All Emails on Android

So, regardless of the brand of your Android smartphone, how can you delete all emails at once on Android? Using a cleaning software from a third party! Such applications can be found in the Google Play Store, and their goal is to evaluate your email and help it arrange you in the most efficient manner possible.

Some email cleaning applications are free, while others are paid. Completely free cleaning applications usually earn money by selling their users' data, so if you value your privacy and don't want to share your emails with all sorts of third parties, we suggest using freemium cleaning tools like Clean Email.

Clean Email: How to Delete Emails on Android

Clean Email, as previously said, is a clever inbox cleaner that allows you to remove an infinite amount of messages at once. It has a native Android app that you can get from the Google Play Store and install on any Android 4.4 or above smartphone.

Clean Email stands out from other third-party inbox cleansers because to its sophisticated features and strict privacy emphasis (the software does not store, sell, or analyze your data).

Smart Views, for example, makes it simple to browse through your email in minutes by automatically grouping emails by their actual content, so you can see all “Travel,” “Finance,” or, for example, “Social” emails together regardless of whether they're in the same folder or not.

If you don't want to devote too much time to inbox management, you may start by utilizing the Quick Clear tool to concentrate your attention on the kinds of messages that Clean Email users clean the most often. In practice, it goes like this:

1. On your Android smartphone, install the app.

2. It should be connected to your mail service provider.

3. Select Quick Clean from the drop-down menu.

4. To each set of emails, do an action.

When you perform an action on a group of emails, you have the option of creating a rule based on it, which is how you can simply automate your inbox management.

Because Clean Email isn't in the business of selling user data, it must rely on a new revenue stream: monthly and annual subscriptions that provide access to limitless cleaning. This is a win-win situation since it protects app users' personal information while also providing Clean Email with the funds they need to continue developing their product.

The service is also accessible as a native iOS app, so you may delete emails on your iPhone using it. Are you looking for a way to erase all of your emails on your Mac? Then you should know that a Mac version of the program is available to assist you in organizing and cleaning your emails.

Downloading a third-party inbox cleaning software from the Google Play Store, such as Clean Email, is by far the best method to bulk remove emails on Android. With this software, you may delete all emails, emails of a certain kind, or even individual messages quickly, simply, and securely.

Unfortunately, the Android version of the Gmail app does not allow you to delete all of your messages at once. Clean Email, a third-party inbox cleaning software that supports all major email providers, not just Gmail, is the answer.


Install a third-party cleaning software like Clean Email if you wish to remove all of your emails at once. With its helpful Auto Clear rules and other useful features, the program can not only wipe your inbox clean with a few easy clicks, but it can also automatically handle emails for you.

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