How To Delete Contact From Your Whatsapp But Not Your Phone

WhatsApp creates your contact list from the phone book on your mobile computer. and reveals his/her profile inside the app. A nice feature before you are trapped with it for the worse. Say, you want to delete contacts from WhatsApp but not from the phonebook. What option do you have?

Remove Contact From WhatsApp Only
There are several explanations for you having to do this. You exchanged numbers with a plumber or electrician but don't want to get new year updates or see their WhatsApp tales. Or you just split up with a long relationship (how are you keeping up?) and now want to delete his/her number from WhatsApp but not actually from your phone book. You don't want to uninstall the number forever, otherwise, you will never be able to reach them again. But receiving updates or messages from them can be a drag, if not awkward.

I went directly to the WhatsApp forum, thinking they would have an answer, but they merely told me to uninstall the contact from my account. Typical! I don't want to uninstall my friend's number for whom I am not on talking terms anymore.

Method 1: Exclude them on WhatsApp
WhatsApp provides a function where you can block a person. What this suggests is that the consumer would no longer be able to view your profile, status update, last seen data or contact and call you, although the user will also call and message you via various messaging and phone applications. But you guys can always call each other if appropriate without needing to receive unwelcome alerts or texts.

Search for the name you want to block and open the chat window. Click on the three dots on the upper right of your phone. There is an alternative called View Touch. Click on it.

Scroll a little and you should see the block choice in red font. Click it and check. You are finished.

Blocking others on WhatsApp doesn't imply it would delete the user's number from your WhatsApp. His name will always appear throughout the search, but you will miss getting story alerts and will no longer get texts and calls from them.

If the individual blocked by you wants to dial, he can hear the call ringing but it will not hit you. You won't even see a call blocked warning. The call will disconnect automatically after ringing for some time, and the blocked user will see the notification ‘ Unavailable'. If he wasn't blocked, he might have seen ‘ Call not answered ‘ post. This is a good way to recognize if you have been blocked by anyone! More specifically, the consumer would not be able to see the profile, profile pic or other account information.

Method 2: Save Number as a Note (Not in SIM!)
There is a Quora post that says moving the address from your Google/Phone memory to your SIM card will fix this issue. The system no longer works because of a new upgrade in WhatsApp that doesn't enable you to adjust the way contacts are viewed inside WhatsApp.

Of course, you could download and install an earlier version of the software, but then you would be left without enhanced functionality including WhatsApp Payment and other protection patches were rolled after that version. Not recommended.

To counter this scenario, I decided to edit the contact and save the number not in the number area, but as a notice. This way, WhatsApp would presume that the number is deleted and won't show you messages. If you have taken control of the privacy settings, your plumber should no longer be able to see your profile and you don't have his number stored, legally. But you must save the number by the right name so you can look for it in the contacts app when the time comes.

If you know about some other way to uninstall WhatsApp number or avoid getting story status or receive notifications from a contact? Let us know in the comments below.

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