How To Delete Twitter Messages From Both Sides

How To Delete Twitter Messages From Both Sides

Twitter is your one-stop shop for gathering information about politics, entertainment, agriculture, and other areas. While every Twitter feature is fantastic, there are occasions when you want to delete the messages you've forwarded to your pals.

Whether you accidentally sent a message to the incorrect person or sent a message on purpose and now regret it, there are several practical techniques to erase communications from both sides.

The most intriguing aspect of Twitter was the ability to remove any message from any side. Even if the person has already read or reacted to the message, there is an option to delete the communication from both sides.

A comprehensive guide on deleting Twitter messages from both sides may be found here.

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Why Should You Delete Twitter Messages from Both Ends?

Perhaps you were irritated with your buddy and sent a message you would never send normally. Perhaps you sent a drunken text message that you subsequently regretted. Whatever the cause, we all know that we will regret it afterwards.

Consider waking up to a strange text from a buddy, which is their answer to the text you sent while inebriated. We're sorry to tell that if you sent the message through SMS or email, it's too late. You have no way of removing the message from your friends' inboxes.

If you have left a message on Twitter, you may simply erase it. The finest feature of Twitter is that it deletes messages from both your inbox and the recipient's inbox. Essentially, you may delete the text from your Twitter inbox to have the message removed from both your and the recipient's inboxes.

Important Note: Before we cover how to erase Twitter tweets from both sides, make sure there is no way to determine whether or not the person has viewed the text.

Some individuals enable push alerts for Twitter direct messages. So, if the receiver has that option selected, they may quickly see the message from their notification bar.

Of course, there's a possibility they don't have this option enabled. After all, individuals on Twitter get hundreds of SMS every day. They may not want to be bothered every time they get a text message from a certain individual.

To erase Twitter messages from both sides, hold down your message for 1 second and then hit the “Delete Message” button.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Open Twitter and sign in with your username and password.
  2. Navigate to the Direct Messages tab.
  3. Keep the message on the screen for 1 second.
  4. To remove the communication from both sides, tap Trash

There you have it! The message will be permanently removed from both your Twitter inbox and the recipient's inbox if you follow these easy instructions. They will not be able to use it as evidence of your communication, nor will they be able to see or read the text at any time. There is no way for the individual to recover it after it has been erased from both of your inboxes.


As previously stated, Twitter DMs may be erased from the inbox, but there is no assurance that the person to whom you sent the text message did not see it. They will get the notice if they have enabled push notifications for Twitter messages.

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