How To Display A Live Twitter Feed

How To Display A Live Twitter Feed

Displaying live twitter feeds on any digital screen is what every event planner is intending to do these days since displaying twitter walls, specifically twitter walls, at any sort of event, whether professional, cultural, or family focused, is a very amazing Idea!

Twitter Wall – The Ultimate Event Tool for Displaying Live Tweets

Tweet walls are essential if you want to broadcast live Twitter feeds at your events or on any form of screen for any occasion! Twitter walls, also known as Twitter Aggregator tools or Tweet Walls, are the ultimate tools for collecting, curating, and displaying Twitter feeds based on hashtags, mentions, and other criteria.

What Are the Advantages of Displaying Live Twitter Feeds at Events?

  1. It piques the audience’s interest.

Have you ever noticed how fans act differently when they see themselves on the big screen, even if it’s just for 3 seconds? Have you ever wondered why it happens? Simply because individuals like being the center of attention.

Consider how much user engagement you can produce at your event by displaying the tweets that your users post with the specially selected hashtag.

Live Twitter streams may encourage more users to generate content and distribute it on their Twitter account, increasing audience engagement.

  1. Increase Event Visibility

Fans may always be part in the display activities regardless of who gets to attend your event. The impact of Twitter feeds on live streaming is enormous.

When attendees use their Twitter hashtag to participate in your event. It also involves their fan base in your display activities, whether or not they are present at the show!

The exposure provided by Twitter feeds in live streaming might be much more than you realize. Overnight, your hashtag may go from your event display wall to your guests’ Twitter accounts to the rest of Twitter. You may get a lot of attention for your hashtag if you include it into an event that your attendees can attend.

If you have a celebrity visitor, it could be a good idea to offer that they tweet about your showcase activities. This will not only give your event a boost with a stamp of approval from this influential person, but it may also provide you access to their vast network of Twitter followers.

  1. Astound Your Visitors

The concept of displaying a live Twitter feed at your event is relatively fresh and fascinating; your attendees will have never seen anything like it before. That’s great news for you, since using innovative and intriguing approaches is an excellent way to make your event unforgettable in their minds.

The appealing appearance and wonderful arrangement of a Twitter feeds display will add value to your event. If you want your event to be remembered by attendees long after the event has ended, you must utilize Twitter live stream at least once.

  1. Showcase Your Brand

This event shows the worth and position of your brand. You must decorate it in such a manner that it looks fantastic. Fortunately, your live Twitter feed display can take care of this for you. Whether it’s a little logo in the corner or a massive banner at the bottom/top, the branding of your live Twitter streams may be as simple or as spectacular as you choose.

You also have the option of customizing the design of your wall with live Twitter feeds, such as a social wall/display wall, so you can assure the colors and layouts.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it may provide you with an idea of what live Twitter feeds might contribute to your next event.

Final Words

Using a technology like, it is quite simple to display live Twitter feeds on digital displays. All you have to do is sign up, make a wall, integrate a feed, curate it, and show!! It’s that simple!

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