How To Embed A YouTube Video On Twitter

How To Embed A YouTube Video On Twitter

Video content has surpassed all other types of material in terms of accessibility, enjoyability, and engagement over the last decade, with experts forecasting that this is not simply a trend, but rather a full shift towards video as the major source of content for internet users.

Simply said, the following Twitter data should clarify it:

Twitter is accessed by 8/10 of active users on mobile devices.

Reasons for viewing Twitter video include:

 30% news, 30% entertainment, 30% social, 28% new and fascinating stuff, and 24% viral activity.

In-stream video commercials raised purchase intent by 6%.

Mobile devices account for 93% of all video views on Twitter.

What people expect from video: 51% want breaking news, 49% want knowledge, 48% want viral content, 40% want entertainment, and 37% want celebrity.

Twitter has 1.3 billion accounts, 391 million of which have no followers.

Tweets containing photos get 150% more retweets.

Video tweets on Twitter get ten times the amount of interaction as standard tweets.

Tweets promoted with video saved an astonishing 50% on cost per interaction.

Twitter has over 67 million MAUs (monthly active users) in the United States.

It also helps that Twitter revealed that tweets with videos were 300 percent more likely to be retweeted than tweets with GIFs, and 600 percent more likely to be than tweets with images. This figure has propelled Twitter beyond video streaming behemoth YouTube as the most popular source of intriguing videos for people to watch.

It’s also worth remembering that those figures refer to organic reach: the vast majority of video views on Twitter are the result of users stumbling upon them in their feed rather than being presented with a paid ad. It’s a strong statement that implies Twitter’s video engagement is off the charts, and even brief films receive so many views that TV networks blush.

How Can I Embed a YouTube Video on Twitter?

To embed a YouTube video on Twitter, you must first go to the YouTube website or app. Go to the video you wish to RT or embed on Twitter first.

There should be an arrow labeled “Share Link” at the bottom. When you click this, you will be invited to copy the URL to your clipboard. This may be shared on any social networking site, and on Twitter, you can either submit the video’s URL or copy-paste the HTML code that appears when you click the “Share Link” button.

Simply tweet the URL (which will appear as a shortened link) or the HTML code, and the video will display in the feeds of your followers.

How to Save Videos from Twitter


There is no option to download a video from Twitter using the native app. Instead, you’ll need to use a third-party video downloader, which may be found as an app or on a dedicated Twitter video downloading website. These third-party applications will often download the Twitter video right from your feed and store it to your smartphone and/or PC.

Exact procedures may vary, but often, all that is required is copying and pasting the Tweet’s particular URL into the video downloading website/app. From there, you’ll most likely be asked what size you want to download the movie in (this determines how much space it takes up on your HDD/smartphone). When you download it, it will be saved to your device’s download folder and will be available to watch.

What are the Video Upload Requirements for Twitter?

Instead of reposting other people’s videos, you might submit your own if you meet Twitter’s video submission standards. These standards cover issues such as how large a Twitter video can be, how lengthy a Twitter video may be, and so on. If you meet the following prerequisites, you will have no trouble submitting videos to Twitter:

Twitter’s minimal video resolution is 32 × 32.

The shortest Twitter video duration is 0.5 second, while the longest is 2 minutes and 20 seconds (140 seconds)

Twitter has a video size restriction of 512 MB (async)/15 MB (sync)

Twitter videos must adhere to the aspect ratios listed below: 1.39:1–1.39:1

Twitter accepts the following online video formats: MP4 video uploads with H264 compression and AAC audio.

Twitter’s maximum video resolutions are 1,920 x 1,200 and 1,200 x 1,900.

The highest bitrate available is 25 Mbps (Megabits per second)

The maximum frame rate for videos is 40 frames per second (frames per second)

Twitter presently supports the video formats listed below: For mobile applications, MOV and MP4 formats are available.


Tweeting a video is one of the simplest things you can do. In fact, the site takes it seriously when someone is unable to publish a video to Twitter since it disrupts everyone else’s algorithm. Whether you’re sharing a video from another platform or uploading from your camera roll, Twitter makes it quick and easy for anybody with an account, a smartphone, and an internet connection to share videos on Twitter anytime they want.

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