How To Fix Sound Not Working On Twitter Videos

Why Does Your Twitter Videos Have No Sound

The Twitter network has 500 million daily tweets and 100 million active users. Twitter may be used to communicate with friends and get news from across the globe. However, if you don’t understand why my Twitter video has no sound, its popularity will suffer. Twitter has grown to become the greatest platform, however there are certain limitations that are consistent with the Twitter brand. On the other side, it’s very simple to add music to Twitter videos, and we’ll go through how to get started on the site if your Twitter videos don’t have sound.

Why is there no sound in my video on Twitter?

There are a number of reasons why Twitter videos lack sound. These problems may occur on a variety of devices, and there are a few things to look into. If you discovered that the sound on Twitter videos was not functioning, the following are the reasons:

The app has a bug:

If you do not update your Twitter app on a daily basis, you may have issues with Twitter video sound. As a result, it may be a method of causing an issue with the functioning.

Connection to the network:

A broken connection or a poor network connection may be the source of the problem. It typically appears as the never-ending loading sign.

Browsers from the past:

The lack of audio on Twitter videos may be due to an outdated browser. As time passes, developers should adapt to the new standard in order to improve browser performance.

Twitter’s Cache

Twitter video sound issues may be caused by the browser’s cookies or cache of the Twitter application.

Updates to the system software:

If you do not upgrade your operating system software, you may have a Twitter video sound issue.

Storage of the device:

There will be no sound on Twitter videos if your device memory gets full due to formatting problems.

Part 2: The Top 8 Ways to Fix the No Sound on Twitter Videos Problem

Do you want to figure out why my videos on Twitter have no sound? Let’s look at various solutions to this problem in order to enhance the device’s performance.

  1. Problem with Video Format:

There is a possibility that the video you wish to play is incompatible with the Twitter video format and displays a Twitter video sound issue. In this case, you must convert your video to MOV, MP4, AAC, or H246.

  1. Close all background apps to free up device memory.

Reduce the number of files that are unneeded, such as music, applications, and photos. They all take up space since many items aren’t required. You may resolve the issue of no sound from Twitter videos by clearing your memory.

  1. Security Software Plugins:

Disable your computer’s security firewall and software if you wish to screen record Twitter video with sound. Restart your computer to test Twitter compatibility.

  1. Software Update for the Operating System:

When the Twitter video does not function, the operating system software upgrades are perfect. Navigate to the settings menu and update the software.

  1. Improve Your Browser:

It is possible that the outdated browser version is causing no sound from Twitter videos. As a result, you should constantly check your browser to ensure that you have the most recent version.

  1. Delete Cache:

By going into the browser settings, you may look for and remove cookies. Then, check to see whether your Twitter video audio is playing on your device.

  1. Refresh the Twitter App:

To add music to Twitter videos, you may need to update your app. When it comes to reinstalling, app upgrades are the greatest option.

  1. Examine Network Strength:

If you are experiencing no sound from Twitter videos, the most basic solution is to check your network connection. As a result, the issue may be addressed by connecting to a less congested network.

How to Disable Sound Effects on Twitter

If you wish to disable Twitter’s sound effects, follow these instructions.

  1. Click on the profile image.
  2. Select privacy and settings.
  3. Display and sound should be selected.
  4. To turn off the app’s sound, click on the sound effect.



Twitter has risen in popularity over the last 10 years, with the goal of quickly disseminating information. However, if you are experiencing no sound on Twitter video, there are many factors to examine in order to discover a suitable solution. You have the option of returning to the old click-to-play experience or just having videos autopay. The My Fine Filmi is one of the finest tools for changing sound effects. You may also use it to change the voice of Mickey Mouse. As a result, we strongly advise you to use methods that are advantageous to you if the sound on your Twitter video is not functioning.

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