How To Know If Someone Has Blocked You On Gmail

Google’s Gmail is an excellent web-based email service. As a result, it offers a plethora of great capabilities, including the ability to ban a person from your contacts list. Anyone may simply block someone to cease receiving their annoying emails and other communications. Consider the alternative: what if you’ve been blocked on Gmail by someone? You may be wondering how I know this. This is precisely why you’ve here, and you’ve arrived at the perfect location.

This post will teach you how to use Gmail’s tips & tricks to see whether anybody has banned you. Because Gmail does not send any reports to users by default. You won’t know if someone has banned you since you won’t get an email report or notice from Gmail. The truth is that you’ll have to figure it out on your own. Don’t worry, it’s no longer a difficult job.

The simple answer is that if someone on Gmail has banned your email address, you won’t see that person’s name on the left-hand chats, contacts list. That is a short summary; however, if you want to learn more, read the whole article. Furthermore, if you are unable to receive email on your Gmail account, you may resolve a number of issues. That is, you may believe you are not receiving the email because you have been banned. However, there may be issues with Gmail itself.

How to know if Someone on Gmail Has Blocked You

There are many ways to see whether anybody in your contact book has banned your Gmail email account. You may do so using either your computer or a computer plus a mobile phone. As a result, the decision is entirely yours. Both of these approaches will be shown.

The first method is to use Gmail on a computer.

You can check whether someone has banned your Gmail from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection. Using your MAC, Windows PC, or Linux computer, open a web browser. Then go to your Gmail account and do the following:

1. Go to your Gmail account and sign in.

2. Then, in the bottom left, click the Hangout symbol.

3. Click the name of the person you believe has blocked you.

4. Now go ahead and send him a message.

5. If your message is delivered, the individual will not block you.

However, if you get this warning, “The message could not be sent because the recipient has banned you.”

Then you’ve been verified as being blocked by that individual.

If someone is in your contact list, here is how you can do it on your PC (Hangout chat list). However, you may not speak with that contact or see that email address in the Hangout section’s chat list. You can still figure things out. In this instance, disregard the preceding steps and instead use the alternate approach outlined below.

Optional Technique:

Alternatively, go to the bottom left and click the Hangout symbol. If you don’t see any contacts in the Hangout chat list, please contact us. Then go ahead and add that contact first. Right next to your name, click the Plus symbol. Then type the person’s name, phone number, or email address in the appropriate fields. To send an invitation, click the Send Invite button. The individual will now appear in the chat list. Simply click on that person’s profile name and send a message to them. You won’t get a notice like “Message not sent, since the individual has banned you” if the message delivery is successful. However, if you get this notice, it means you’ve been banned on Gmail.

Method #2: Make use of your cell phone

You may use your phone to see whether someone has banned Gmail. If you’re on the move and want to double-check anything, there’s no need to utilize your computer. The only thing you need to know is that. That is, you must first download and install the Google Hangouts program on your smartphone. It’s available in the AppStore for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. In any case, use these methods to see whether someone has blocked you:

1. Install the Hangouts app on your phone.

2. Sign in using your Gmail account after opening it.

3. Fill in the person’s email address.

4. Try sending him a message by tapping on his profile.

5. If you can send a message, the individual has blocked you.

If you can’t, the notice “Message not sent, because the individual has blocked you” will appear again.

On a mobile phone, how do you know if someone has blocked you on Gmail?

You may also add someone to see whether they have been blocked or not. Simply touch the Plus symbol in the bottom right corner. Select New Conversation and search for the personal email address at the top. Invite him after seeing his profile and then attempt to send him a message. If he has blocked, the message will be sent as usual. If the individual has blocked you, you will get the same message again. For example, touch to retry sending the message if it failed to transmit the first time.

Is it possible to determine if you’ve been blocked on Gmail?

Yes, someone is in your contacts at the bottom left, where contacts display as they normally do. As a result, you don’t see that contact anymore; in fact, it’s gone, indicating that you’ve been banned on Gmail. Furthermore, you may simply utilize the above by adding or inviting them to Hangouts and having them send him a message; if the communication fails, you have been banned by that person on Gmail.

After you’ve blocked someone on Gmail, what happens next?

If you block an email address in Gmail, you will no longer receive messages or emails from that address. In a nutshell, such emails will be sent to your Gmail account’s spam folder. You may just want to ban those people from whom you get hundreds of spam emails every day. You may also get a warning on your Gmail account that says, “Do you won’t stop receiving email or notifications from a particular individual,” if someone is attempting to spam your inbox with a large number of unwanted emails on a regular basis.

Is a blocked sender aware that they have been blacklisted?

Once you’ve added someone’s email address to your banned sender list, they’ll no longer be able to send you emails. The individual will never get a notice from Gmail or any other source after that. However, there are methods for the banned sender to learn that they have been blocked on Gmail. They may utilize the Chrome Extension to get read receipts in order to attempt to send you a message through Hangouts, but such messages will fail and the sender will believe you have blocked him or her.

How can you know if someone on Hangouts has blocked you?

Sending a message to that user is a simple and convenient method to find out. The message “Your message was not sent because the recipient has blocked you” may appear. If you did, it’s a sure indication that you’ve been banned from using Google Hangouts.

Final Thought

Alternatively, you may try sending a message to that individual. If your package hasn’t arrived yet and hasn’t been viewed or read in a long time. Then assume you’ve been blocked from using Hangouts. It’s possible the person’s Google account was removed.

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