How To Make Money From Your Twitter Account

How To Make Money from Your Twitter Account

So, you've amassed a Twitter following and are now seeking to cash in?

Unfortunately, you've chosen the incorrect social network. Unlike YouTube, Facebook, and even TikTok, Twitter does not have a program that compensates content producers. On Twitter, you can't monetize videos or receive a share of ad income (unless you're a large publication.)

But, fortunately for you, Twitter is trying to alter that. While there is currently no revenue sharing mechanism on the network — apart from the Amplify Publisher Program, which is intended for large, partnered publishers— there are a few new features that will enable content producers to earn money on the site. These features presently entail artists being paid directly by other Twitter users rather than the business and its advertising, although it is still a monetization strategy.

Interested? Let me show you how to make use of them. But, be aware! This post will not go into the many methods you may earn money on Twitter by using third-party websites, such as promoted tweets or affiliate links. We'll concentrate on Twitter's official income channels. Remember that many of these features are still in the works and may not be accessible to all users.

Tipping Jar

Setting up a Tip Jar is the simplest method to monetize your Twitter account.

Tip Jar is essentially a method for your fans to “tip” you financially through some of the most prominent online payment systems. It's similar to popular bio link solutions like Link tree, except it's integrated directly into Twitter.

Simply go to your Twitter profile page and choose “Edit profile.” If the functionality is accessible to you, you will be able to enable Tip Jar directly from that menu. From there, you'd set up payment alternatives for people who want to leave you a tip. Tip Jar now accepts Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, Patrion, and Bandcamp payments.

After you've set up Tip Jar, anybody who visits your profile can simply click the tiny Tip Jar symbol, choose a payment method, and be brought straight to your personal link where they may give you money on that platform.

Follows Superbly

Twitter's equivalent of a membership or subscription revenue model is Super Follows. Creators who have enabled Super Follows may charge users a monthly subscription for additional material.

Twitter enables artists to choose the price of their membership at$2.99, $4.99, or $9.99. Until they achieve $50,000 in lifetime sales, creators keep 97 percent of the money. Following that, Twitter increases its share, and artists get 80% of the income.

When a person subscribes to a Twitter user and becomes a Super Follower, they are awarded a badge indicating that they are a Super Follower of that account. Only Super Followers may view tweets and personal responses sent by Creators.

Here's where you may apply to have these new monetization options implemented. Twitter is to blame.

If you have Super Follows enabled, just tap the hamburger menu symbol in your Twitter app to access the main sidebar menu. Fill out the application by tapping “Monetization,” then “Super Follows.” If your application is accepted, you must agree to Twitter's “Super Follows Creator Terms.” If they are not in the test group, some qualified candidates may be waitlisted.

Ticketed Area

Ticketing on Ticketed Spaces is being set up. Twitter is to blame.

If you like to attend events, you should check at Ticketed Spaces.

Twitter Spaces is the built-in version of the popular smartphone game Clubhouse on the platform. It's essentially a live audio conversation, and it's been quite popular on Twitter in the short months it's been up and running.

In fact, the free Spaces function has been so popular that Twitter has added a monetization component to it, which is why this feature is named “Ticketed Spaces.” You may charge people to attend one of these live audio chat sessions if you have at least 1,000 followers and conduct three Spaces each month.

Simply select the “Monetization” tab on the main menu, press “Ticketed Spaces,” and fill out the application to operate Ticketed Spaces and charge for your Twitter Spaces events. To utilize Ticketed Spaces, you'll need to create and connect a Stripe account if you're authorized.

After that, you may charge anything from $1 to $999 per ticket for your Spaces event. In contrast to a normal Spaces conversation, a host may restrict the number of the audience in a Ticketed Space. Creators, like Super Follows, may earn up to 97 percent of the income on their Spaces based on their lifetime profits.

And there you have it: all of the official ways built right into Twitter that enable users to earn money… for the time being.


Twitter is clearly experimenting with a variety of various income structures for users. Monetizing in the same manner that YouTube and Facebook do — via ad revenue sharing — remains a fascinating untapped potential for Twitter. While they already have a version of this for big publishing partners (the aforementioned Amplify Publisher Program), making it available to their broader user base would be a game changer for creators on their platform.

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