How To Make Twitter Profile Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Make Twitter Profile Stand Out From The Crowd

When someone visits your Twitter profile, the first few things they see are your username, bio, profile image, and banner—all of which are within your control. If all of these areas are thoroughly researched and exploited, you could just be able to convert visitors to followers.

But, with over 200 million daily active users on Twitter globally, how can you guarantee that your Twitter profile stands out? This post will assist you with personalizing your Twitter profile in all of these areas.

To get started, use the advice below to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

Choosing an Appropriate Twitter Username

Many Twitter users become creative with their Twitter identities, even creating one-of-a-kind handles based on their area of work or personality.

Because you have a lot of creative flexibility with your Twitter handle, your name should be obvious, informing people who you are or what you’re about so they don’t get confused. If you don’t, Twitter users may mistake you for another troll hiding behind a false account.


If you don’t want to include your actual name, mention what you do instead, or make it amusing. Keep in mind, though, that in a feed, your display name is always shown next to your handle. For instance, “your name @handle.” Consider this while coming up with a name, and make sure it makes sense in this context.

What Should You Put in Your Twitter Bio?

When someone views your profile for the first time, this is one of the first things they will look at. Consider what you want people to know about you, but keep it brief and to the point.

Display some individuality, but don’t go overboard. You want visitors to your profile to get a rough idea of what you’re about. Are you witty or cynical? Whatever your personality is, make it clear in your bio. Give folks an idea of what they may anticipate from your Tweets.

Some individuals add a single quotation or remark that exemplifies their personality or principles. You are not need to use all of the available characters. It all relies on your goals, as long as they make sense.

Mention what you do and what you stand for if required. Include any important accomplishments to ensure you do yourself credit. Change your bio to reflect any significant changes in your life, such as another accomplishment or significant milestone.

Choosing a Profile Photo

Always choose a distinct picture that expresses your personality. Use a picture of yourself if possible. Individuals often do not trust accounts with quotes, flowers, or cartoons as their profile image as much as accounts with photographs of people.

Including a photo of oneself on Twitter helps you seem more personal. It also informs individuals that they are conversing with a genuine human, not a machine or a catfish.

When it comes to profile pictures, a selfie or headshot is preferable over a full-length photograph. Save these for your tweets. For profile photographs, Twitter recommends 400×400 pixels.

Configure Your Twitter Banner

Your profile banner, like your bio, should convey your profile visitors what you’re all about. It should represent your personality as well as your specialty.

Are you a stay-at-home mom who tweets about home improvement and parenting? Make your profile banner out of a family photo. Are you a vehicle enthusiast that tweets about new automobile launches, car performance, and so on? Use a picture of one of your favorite automobiles.

Keep the measurements in mind—you don’t want your picture to be awkwardly cropped or clipped, or to seem stretched. Twitter advises that your profile banner be 1500×500 pixels in size.

Allow These Elements to Make Your Profile Pop!

Twitter is an extremely fast-paced social networking platform. When someone visits your profile, you just have a few seconds to persuade them to scroll through your timeline or follow you. That is why you should be deliberate about what and how you put on your profile.

When a visitor views your profile, they see all of the profile components at the same time. Your name, bio, profile photo, and banner should all complement each other and convey the same message about who you are, what you’re like (your personality), and what you’re interested in (niche) so that visitors know what to anticipate from your Twitter activity.


If you do this right, your profile visitors will be able to swiftly determine whether or not they want to interact with your profile further. Hopefully, your profile will pique their interest and they will decide to follow you.

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