How To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

How To Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

Do you want to divide your professional and personal life on Twitter? Perhaps you want to become political, start a parody account, or become an influencer. Instead of combining work and pleasure, just open a second (or third) Twitter account and flip between them.

You can have as many Twitter accounts as you like, but you can only link up to five of them at a time. However, for most individuals, two accounts—one personal and one professional—should enough. If it isn’t enough, you can always go bigger.

Each account must have a unique username, although they may all be associated with the same phone number. To use the same Gmail for numerous accounts, just include a dot anywhere in the username ([email protected] vs. [email protected], for example). Despite the fact that these modified addresses all lead to the same account, Twitter will treat them as totally separate individuals. If you use Yahoo, Outlook, or another email provider, you must use a distinct address for each account.

Here’s how to set up and manage numerous Twitter accounts through the web or the Twitter mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Open a Twitter Account

If you don’t already have a Twitter account, go to or launch the mobile app and tap the Sign-Up button. The service will next walk you through the installation procedure. Enter your name; it may be whatever you like, but Twitter will create a username based on it. Then, on the top right, input either a phone number or an email address and click Next.

When you read Twitter material on other websites, you are asked whether you wish to be monitored. Check the box next to Track where you view Twitter content throughout the web, then click Next to disable this option.

Please confirm your name, phone number (or email address), and birth date. To get a verification code through email or text, click the Sign-up button and then the OK button. Enter the code into the verification code area and press the Next button. After that, you may create a password.

You will then be able to upload a profile picture and bio. While you may forgo adding a bio for the time being, we do suggest include a picture since Twitter allows users to disable alerts from accounts using the default profile photo. The ideal size for a Twitter profile picture is 400 by 400 pixels.

You may then choose your hobbies, and Twitter will recommend accounts for you to follow. Click the Follow button next to any names that pique your interest, or click the Follow button at the top of the page to follow all of them. You may skip alerts on the following screen.

If you’re using a phone, you can sync Twitter with your contacts to identify people on the network and choose who to follow.

Twitter will then take you to your timeline page. At the bottom of the left pane, you may see your display name and username (you’re @ handle). However, you may wish to modify their names to something more appropriate. To do so, go to the left page and click the More symbol, then pick Settings and privacy.

Click the Account details item in the Your Account section, then click Username. You may now alter it to anything you like. Your username must be 15 characters or fewer, and it can only include letters, digits, and underscores with no spaces. As you create your username, Twitter will notify you if you use an unsupported character or if the name is already in use. When you develop a suitable name, Twitter will no longer flag it. Save the file.

To change your display name, go to Twitter ([your username]), select Edit Profile, and then input a new name under Name. On the online or in the mobile app, you may alter your login and display name.

Activate a Second Twitter Account

Now, if you wish to establish a second account, the procedure differs differently between the app and the online. Launch the Twitter app and sign in with your current Twitter account. Press the hamburger menu in the top left corner of your iPhone, then tap the three-dot Profile symbol. Tap the More icon on an iPad, then the Profile icon. On an Android smartphone, press the profile symbol in the top left, followed by the down arrow.

Tap the Create a new account button. Twitter will walk you through the account setup process, requesting the same information it did when you originally created an account. You may connect your second current Twitter account to your phone by tapping Add an existing account. After you sign in, the app should display numerous accounts.

Unlike the app, you can only add an existing account to Twitter on the web. If you need to make a new account, you must first log out and then create it. You may add an existing account by clicking the three-dot symbol in the bottom-left corner next to your display name. Sign in to your current account by clicking Add an existing account.

How to Change Accounts

After you’ve established your second account, you’ll need to find out how to manage both of your Twitter accounts. To access all of your associated accounts, go to the website and click your username in the bottom-left corner. When you choose the one you wish to see, your Twitter account will be changed.

Switching between accounts on mobile varies somewhat depending on the device. On an iPhone, hit the hamburger menu, then the Profile symbol of the desired account. Tap the More symbol on an iPad, followed by the ellipsis icon. Android users may access this feature by tapping the Profile icon, then the down arrow. To switch accounts, you must first choose a username.

Remember that if you link an account through the web, you must also connect it using the app, and vice versa.

Unlink an Account

If you no longer wish to manage several Twitter accounts, you may log out of your additional account to remove it from the list. A more permanent solution would be to turn it off completely. Open the account you want to deactivate, then go to Settings and privacy > Account and choose Deactivate your account. To deactivate the account, follow the instructions below. Before you can make it official, you must enter your Twitter password.

Final Words

Finally, although having numerous accounts is a smart way to keep your work and personal life distinct, establishing phony accounts to harass or annoy individuals is not acceptable and is against Twitter rules. If that’s your aim, it’s time to get a life, not a new Twitter account.

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