How To Recover Gmail Account Without Phone Number Or Password?

It’s inconvenient to forget your own Gmail password, but you shouldn’t be concerned if this happens to you. Because Google provides a function that allows you to reset your password in three different ways.

Gmail is a popular email sending and receiving service, and Google is always improving it to make it more user-friendly. That is why, if you forget your Gmail password, you can use the password reset feature provided by Google.

How to Recover Gmail Password can be used. So, if your Gmail account is lost, or if you forget your password, or if it is seized by someone who isn’t accountable, you don’t have to be concerned.

How to Recover a Gmail Password That Has Been Forgotten

Only a browser is required for the procedure outlined below. You can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other browsers.

As a result, you may use any device you like, whether it’s an Android phone, an iPhone, or a laptop. The most crucial step is to ensure that you are linked to the internet network.

How to Recover Your Gmail Password Using Your Phone Number

The first method is the most straightforward. You only need to have the mobile number associated with your Gmail account ready. In just a few minutes, you may reset your Gmail password using this mobile number.

How to Reset Your Gmail Password Using Your Phone Number

To recover your Google account

  •  Go to the account recovery website.
  • After that, click the Next button and type your email.
  • You’ll be taken to the previous password page.
  • Select the option to try a different approach.
  • After that, click the Send message option and enter your telephone number.
  • Check your cellphone number for incoming texts.
  • In the message, type the necessary verification code.
  • Then press the Next key.
  • Finally, type in your desired new password.

You’ve successfully changed the password by entering your cellphone number. You can quickly cope with a lost Gmail account password by following this strategy.

Using Email for Recovery

Do you know what your Gmail password is? But what if the registered mobile number isn’t working anymore? Relax, Gmail also has a feature that allows you to recover a forgotten Gmail account password by sending an email to a recovery address.

How to recover a forgotten Gmail password using an out-of-date mobile number:

Using a browser, go to the Google account recovery page.

After that, type your Gmail email address and click Next.

Until the Recovery email option displays, click the Try another method option.

Then type in your recovery email address.

To proceed to the next stage, click the Send button.

Please double-check the Google Verification Code email that was sent to you as part of your recovery process.

Return to the Google account recovery page and enter the six-digit verification code before clicking Next.

Now type in your desired new password.

Your Gmail account’s password has now been changed to the one you just typed. Make sure you can still log in to your recovery email before using this approach.

If you are unable to access the recovery email and your mobile number is no longer current, you can use the third way. This option is only available if your Gmail account has a security question.

How to Recover a Gmail Password That Has Been Forgotten:

Using an HP or PC browser, go to the Google account recovery website.

Fill up your Gmail address.

Then press the Next key.

Enter the most recent password you used.

Select the Try another approach option till Security Questions appears.

Fill in the blanks with the answer to your security question.

The next step is to figure out when your Gmail account was established.

If your answer is right, you will be asked to create a new password.

The Gmail password will be changed to a new one after that. You’ve now successfully recovered your Gmail account password.

A Different Approach

If the three steps above fail to recover your Gmail account after you have forgotten your password, please contact us. Perhaps you could try this other approach to solving the problem.

This alternate approach, however, has one stipulation: you must have an Android smartphone that is linked to your Gmail account. To get your Gmail account back, you must meet these requirements.

When you’re on the Google account recovery page for a Gmail account that’s still linked to an Android device, you’ll typically see choices like the one below.

Simply follow the on-screen instructions, then input the code into the appropriate box on the recovery page. If you’re successful, you’ll be prompted to create a new password for your Gmail account.

Final Words

That’s How to Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number and Recovery Email, and it’s done using an Android smartphone linked to the computer.