How to Reset Instagram Password Easily?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps used by people today daily. People tend to fall under cyber theft or other threats stealing their personal information through their apps or people simply forget their password because of which they have to reset their password and most of them don’t know how to reset it. Here we have explained different ways to reset it and the procedures involved in it.

When someone forgets their Instagram password or they want to change it or reset it, it can be done at anytime they want. One can reset the password using their email address, phone number, or Facebook account. It is almost similar to android phones and iPhones.

  1. Resetting Password using Web

    1. First, all you need is to open your app in your android phone then the login option appears and on the login screen there is an option that says “Get help signing in” just below “Log in”.

    2. Just select it by tapping on it.

    3. Once you select it, you can see two options on the screen, one which asks the user to enter the Instagram username or the email address or phone number linked to their account and another option that asks to login with Facebook. It is up to the user which option they want to select. If they want to select the first option then they must enter their username or email address or their phone number and press “Next”.

    4. After that, a series of options appears on the screen that asks the user to send an email or send an SMS message or send messages via other apps like WhatsApp. If the user selects the first one then a password reset link via email is sent to their respective email address associated with their account.

    5. Then the user should open their email to check it and open the mail. You must click on the URL to open the link. In case the URL doesn’t open then one must copy and paste the URL into their browser.

    6. Once it opens, a window shows a table where they should enter a new desired password.

  2. Resetting Password Via Mobile

    Similarly, if the SMS option is selected then a verification code is sent to the user's phone number associated with their account which the app asks for further procedure. Once they receive the verification code, it should be entered and then the “Continue” option should be selected and the app asks the user for a new password to be entered and the user can simply enter a new desired password. The same verification code is sent via WhatsApp if the WhatsApp option is selected and the Verification code must be entered and a new desired password should be entered by the user and then Log in to their account.

  3. Using Third-Party Application

    Using an application that is hosted somewhere else is always a risk but gets your work got done easily and faster. Similarly, to this problem, there are tons of applications that does this job. We recommend the best to you.

    This software is working and reliable. You can use the application here.

  4. Using Facebook Application

    Now for the last option i.e. Log in through Facebook, once the user selects this option then they must enter their Facebook username or email address or phone number and their Facebook password, same as logging in to their Facebook account. After logging in, another screen appears that asks for a new Instagram password. The user must enter the new password twice and then their Instagram password resets.

    In this way, the password can be reset for an account through the app itself. Once the password is reset, the user can log in to their account after entering the new password.

    For the iPhone, the option “Forgot Password” above “Log in” should be entered. After that tap “Username” or “Phone” and enter your email address or username or phone number. Then tap “Next” and finally enter your new desired password.

    Some user might have a problem finding their username so they can either check their mail if the username has been changed or simply see their username through other Instagram account.


For better security, passwords should be at least 8 characters in length which include a mix of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters such that it can be remembered by the user only. Simple names, numbers dates should be prevented as it can be easily known or guessed. Also if the users are writing in the email address or the phone number which is not associated with their account or they do not know the associated number and email address or don’t have access to the email and number linked to the account, they cannot reset their password; so they must have access to it to reset the password and use the account responsibly.

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