How To See Who Voted You On Twitter Polls

Do you want to know how many people voted in your Twitter poll? You’ll find it in this article. Twitter polls are a fantastic way to find out what others think about a topic. These Twitter surveys may help you raise product awareness, brand recognition, and post engagement. Twitter polls may be used to determine what people are interested in when it comes to a variety of subjects. Before learning how to discover who voted in your Twitter poll, it’s important to understand Twitter’s privacy policies.

Twitter Polls’ Privacy Policy

When you vote in a Twitter poll, your interest is not visible to other people. The poll creator and other participants have no way of knowing who has voted in the poll or how they voted. By clicking here, you can read what Twitter has to say regarding poll privacy.

Now you know that you won’t be able to access any information on the voters who took part in the Twitter poll other than the number of impressions the poll received from any of the platforms, such as Twitter’s app or website.

Many people have strong feelings regarding the privacy of Twitter poll votes, yet it is only fair that the votes be anonymous. When you are anonymous, you may freely express yourself without fear of being judged.

Why are the results of the Twitter poll anonymous?

There are few reasons for the results of the Twitter poll being anonymous,which are listed below:

1. Can cast a genuine vote in the voter’s thoughts.

2. The voter is free to voice his or her viewpoint.

3. The voter’s name is not disclosed to the person or company conducting the poll, thus voting is simple.

4. Voters may avoid being mocked if they vote independently.

5. Because the identity is anonymous, it is not subjected to poll-related interest-based advertising.

How do you know how many people voted in your Twitter poll?

There is presently no third-party service that analyzes Twitter poll results and offers comprehensive information. Twitter’s user privacy policy will never allow such a service to exist. However, you may learn more about your poll’s respondents by judiciously using the third-party services and tools listed below.

Forms on Google

You may gather information such as voter username, e-mail, phone number, and address using Google Forms. To do so, after establishing a poll on Twitter, you must create a web page post about the poll. You may also use social media sites like Facebook to promote Google Forms. I’m simply providing you a Google Forms concept, but with your idea, you can utilize Google Forms more intelligently for Twitter polls. You may link the user to your main Twitter poll once they submit the Google form.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track

You may view the voter’s IP address in the server log if you’re self-hosting the poll on your website. You can detect the browser cookies used by voters using Google analytics. You may also see the voter’s age, mobile device, language, and network information. Google Forms and Google Analytics will work together to help you accomplish your objective more efficiently.

How to find out who voted in a hacked Twitter poll

The reality is that there is no way to determine who voted in the Twitter poll using a hack. I tried to see if I could get the voter information from the Twitter poll’s source code, but after much effort, I had to accept that it was not feasible. Twitter is a major social media platform, and attempting to hack a function that is an integral part of it is tantamount to questioning the company’s policy. Twitter’s servers are protected by sophisticated technology, and if a flaw is discovered inadvertently, it is quickly fixed.


Personally, I do not recommend this method of determining who voted in a Twitter poll. It violates Twitter’s user privacy policies. Although not all of the paths described in the preceding article are nearly ideal, there are presently no alternative options. Other unique poll platforms accessible on the Internet may be found on Twitter. These sites will assist You in using more sophisticated capabilities than Twitter polls.