How To Stop Unknown People From Following You On Twitter

How To Stop Unknown People From Following You On Twitter

When you join up for Twitter, your tweets are made public by default, which means that anybody may follow you, watch your tweets, and engage with you. Set your Twitter account to private to prevent outsiders from following you. When new individuals wish to follow you, you will get a request, which you may accept or decline. Here’s how you can make your Twitter account private.

  1. Launch Twitter and click the settings (gear) button.
  2. Choose Privacy and Safety.
  3. Toggle the Protect your Tweets option on.
  4. Choose Done.

Twitter settings for privacy

Your tweets will only be seen by those who follow you, and anybody who wishes to follow you must first be approved by you.

Go to your Twitter profile to accept or decline following requests. To see who has asked to follow you, go to Followers > Pending follower requests. Accept or decline the offer.

How to Unfollow Someone on Twitter

If you already have a stranger who follows you, your initial step should be to remove the follower from the web. This is how.

Click Profile on Twitter’s online version.

The online version of Twitter’s “Profile” link

Select Followers.

Twitter’s Followers link

Select the three-dot menu next to the follower you want to unfollow.

A Twitter follower created the three-dot menu.

Choose Remove this follower.

Twitter for web’s “Remove this follower” command

Followers you unfollow in this manner will not get a notice, but they may still view your feed if they visit your profile.

Unfollow a Twitter Follower

If you make your account public, removing a follower does not prevent them from refollowing you later. In this scenario, you must take more drastic actions. If you wish to block a stranger (or someone you know) who is following you on Twitter, do the following:

  1. Choose the down arrow symbol at the top of any Tweet from the account you want to ban.
  2. Choose Block.
  3. Twitter account banned
  4. To confirm, choose Block once more. The banned account can no longer follow you or read your tweets.

Make use of a service like Status People’s Fake Follower. Examine the proportion of your followers who are fraudulent, legitimate, or inactive.

Why Are You Being Followed by Strangers?

There are a variety of reasons why someone you don’t know would follow you on Twitter. They may respect and relate to your wit, point of view, and sense of humor, or they may mistake you for someone else.

A random individual may follow you in order to get a follow in return. This is a frequent method for persons who desire to increase their number of followers. Greater followers equals more exposure, whether you’re looking for attention or have a legitimate product to market.

Not every random person who follows you on Twitter does so for harmless reasons. Malicious Twitter bots may be sent out by hackers and internet criminals to follow you. Malicious bots disseminate malware-related links. These connections are often disguised as shortened links, obscuring the harmful link from view.

Before you click on a random short link on Twitter, analyze it using a link expansion service to see whether its destination is someplace you actually want to go.

Random followers might also be spammers that propagate their messages via every available channel, including Twitter feeds. Spammers follow a large number of accounts in the hopes of receiving follow-backs, so expanding their audience.

When you report a tweet as spam, Twitter prevents the user from following you or responding to you, but the account is not instantly suspended.


It is simple to report spammers on Twitter. Choose Followers from your Twitter home page, then click the icon to the left of the Follow button and choose Report.

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