How To Track Follower Growth On Instagram

There are many advantages to utilizing an Instagram follower tracker, and we believe it is past time for people to be aware of them.

One of the reasons why Instagram follower trackers haven’t gotten much attention is because they were previously undeveloped; although they had reliable platforms and mobile applications, the interface wasn’t always the greatest, and the data wasn’t always helpful.

The good news is that most of these poor Instagram follower trackers have since closed down, allowing the better ones to expand their platforms and provide users with a far better experience.

In fact, utilizing an Instagram follower tracker may help ensure that your follower health is in good shape and that your reputation continues to develop in the correct way.

We’ll look at a few different Instagram follower trackers in this post, as well as why they’re worth your time and how they may benefit your Instagram account if you choose to utilize them.

What is an Instagram Follower Tracker, and how does it work?

We figured we’d start from the beginning since this may be the first time you’ve heard of a service like this.

Instagram follower trackers offer a number of functions, but the most important ones include monitoring users who unfollow you, which accounts you follow don’t follow you back, and what your overall follower count trends are and which accounts follow you.

Instagram insights provide a wealth of information, but they are regrettably missing in information on new followers and people who haven’t yet followed you; this is where Instagram trackers come in.

Not only do you get a better understanding of what’s going on with your followers, but you also have all of that information in one place, saving you the time of manually trying to figure it out and then storing your results.

Why should I care if someone unfollows me?

Knowing who has unfollowed you may not seem important at first—after all, they’re gone, right? No, no, no, no.

 We need to know which material is working well and what may be going wrong as an Instagram brand or company seeking to increase their reach and ensure the appropriate eyeballs are on our post in order to sell a product or service.

Knowing who is unfollowing us on Instagram may provide us with a lot of useful information.It’s normal for followers to drop off now and again, but it’s a true eye-opener if you see your following going off in droves. This may assist you in recognizing that something isn’t working in your Instagram approach and that you need to halt the bleeding.

Another helpful statistic is the ability to track engagement; if your comments and likes drop, it may mean you’re losing followers, which is bad for your engagement ratio.It’s critical that you maintain high levels of engagement, so if some of your most active followers are leaving, you need to figure out why.

When your Instagram follower count fluctuates, it indicates something isn’t working in your Instagram approach.

This may indicate that you’re inconsistent in one or more areas, which can damage your conversion rate and your chances of selling goods and services if you don’t remain relevant on the platform and maintain reach.

However, there are many reasons why individuals may lose some Instagram followers.

One option is that Instagram has made some changes— they often delete old or fraudulent accounts, so if you had a lot of such accounts that have since gone inactive, you may see a decrease in followers now and then.

You may also lose followers as a result of individuals following and unfollowing your account as part of the follow/unfollow engagement method, which is a very frequent occurrence.

It’s not necessarily a terrible thing to lose a few followers here and there; it’s a natural part of Instagram. However, it’s always preferable to avoid purchasing phony Instagram followers so you don’t have to worry about them disappearing and leaving you wondering what happened.

People just no longer find value in your material, or they are turned off by anything you are doing or posting on Instagram, which is a more worrisome cause for losing followers.

While you can’t satisfy everyone, if you’re losing followers in a consistent pattern, you need to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Some of our views and beliefs may cost us followers if they disagree with our line of thinking, especially as more businesses apply their ideals and values through Instagram in the name of social responsibility.

While this may be irritating, stay loyal to your brand’s fundamental principles and don’t back down if you believe firmly in what you’re doing and have adequate evidence to back it up.

People will respect you more if you stick to your brand rather than being influenced by those who oppose it. People who are the proper fit will show up.

Nonetheless, you must refrain from using any harsh or abusive language. This is against Instagram’s rules of service, and it doesn’t represent your brand or company well.

So, losing followers may be natural at times, but it can also be an indication that something is wrong. Let’s take a look at how follower trackers may assist.

What are Follower Trackers and How Do They Work?

Instagram follower trackers, as the name implies, keep track of who is following you as well as who you are following. Although there are some minor variations amongst the services, they all follow the same basic principle.

Here are some common characteristics that an Instagram follower tracker may monitor:

New Followers: You may learn about new followers, which can assist you discover posts that are attracting a large number of new followers.

Mutual Followers: You’ll see the accounts you follow as well as those that follow you. Mutual followers are what they’re called.

Individuals You Follow: This section contains information on users you follow but who do not return the favor. When you utilize the follow technique to get attention but don’t get a follow back, this may happen.

Users that have unfollowed you include: Based on when and how many people unfollow, you’ll be able to see how well your content is performing.

Ghost Followers: These are followers who will offer you a number in terms of follower count but no further information. They’re phony or inactive accounts that don’t interact with your material or show any interest in it.

Follower Analytics: This may help you understand your demographics and the kind of followers that make up your target audience, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

We strongly advise you to use an Instagram follower tracker because of the wealth of information you may acquire. They may greatly assist you in better understanding your following and content performance.

The Top 5 Instagram Follower Countdown Apps:

Let’s take a look at our top choices now that we’ve seen how much information you can get from Instagram follower monitors.

1. Spamguard App is a free Instagram tracker for Android that you may use with as many accounts as you like. You’ll be able to see who has unfollowed you and other information on your followers.

You don’t have to pay to use the app, but you may pay to be highlighted in front of all of the app’s users, which is a different kind of marketing if you want greater visibility.

It also offers a lot of adjustable settings so you may feel as relaxed as possible while using it.

2. Ant’s Task:

Task Ant is an excellent Instagram follower tracker since it is very user-friendly and contains some of the most detailed statistics on your following.

It also provides insight into what people are interacting with so that you can continue to build a successful Instagram strategy, in addition to everything we discussed above.

Task Ant is a new service, so it hasn’t gained much traction yet, but based on what we’ve seen thus far, we know it’ll be a powerful Instagram follower tracker.While not a full-fledged Instagram follower tracker, Growthoid is an excellent Instagram followers tool in that it may assist you in attracting genuine followers who are interested in your content.

They will utilize your direct objectives to attract genuine Instagram followers who will interact with your account, resulting in increased brand awareness and interest.

This is particularly useful if you’ve just lost some followers and need to re-establish your reach.They don’t employ bots, phony followers, or inactive accounts, instead relying only on genuine people. They also have an excellent support staff that is dedicated to delivering excellent service.

4. Insight from Followers:

This is an Instagram follower tracker that is only available for Android, but if you have an Android device, it may be a nice choice for you. They provide a mix of free and paid services and have assisted a number of happy customers in learning more about their Instagram following.

You will be able to see who follows you, unfollows you, and blocks you. It may be used for many Instagram accounts and also provides popularity rankings.

Another cool feature is that it will inform you who people like or comment on your material the most, which may help you figure out who is truly enjoying your work.

5. Instagram Followers:

IG Followers is an iOS-only Instagram follower tracker that operates in a similar way as Followers Insight. It has a very user-friendly interface and gives you access to a lot of the same information.

Another useful piece of information you can receive from Instagram followers is about Instagram stories; it will offer you additional insight into who is watching your tales so you can see how well your material is doing.

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