How To Track My Pinterest Followers

As a business owner or online influencer, knowing your audience can be essential to your success. Social media platforms such as Pinterest are one of the most popular places to promote and interact with an audience. If you are interested in tracking your followers on Pinterest, this article will provide you with practical steps that will help you to measure your reach and measure your success. Through observing your follower count, you will be able to gain deeper insight into how your campaigns are performing. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to track your Pinterest followers.

I. Introduction to the Benefits of Tracking Pinterest Followers

Tracking your Pinterest followers is one of the most effective and easy to use strategies for monitoring the success of your content. Following the number of followers is a great way to evaluate whether or not people are interested in the pins you’ve posted and shared. Here are the main benefits of following your Pinterest followers:

  • Gathers valuable data: Tracking Pinterest followers gives you insight into who is interacting with the pins you’ve posted. Ensure that you are creating content that your users and followers are interested in.
  • Promotes engagement: By following your Pinterest followers, you can engage with them more effectively. You can monitor their interactions and respond accordingly to increase engagement.
  • Builds relationships: By engaging with your followers, you can build relationships with them and develop a loyal following. This will help you grow your presence on Pinterest.

Using a reliable tracking platform to monitor the number of Pinterest followers is essential for delivering content that will attract new followers. With the right tracking tool, you can easily view who is following your account and determine whether or not they are engaging with your content. This helps you make informed decisions that lead to driving more engagement, gaining new followers, and seeing more success on Pinterest.

II. Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Pinterest Analytics

1. Log In
The first step to accessing Pinterest Analytics is to sign in to your existing or newly-created Pinterest account. Make sure you are on the home page and click the “login” button and enter your credentials.

2. Access Analytics
To access your Analytics data you’ll want to click on “Analytics,” which is located in the top navigation bar. Once you click on “Analytics,” you will be brought to the main dashboard, which contains detailed information about your recent activity on Pinterest.

3. Viewing Analytics
You can customize the data displayed in the dashboard to suit the metrics that you’re looking for. For example, if you want to view engagement data for your pins, you can select “engagements” from the tabs on the left side of the dashboard. Additionally, you can create custom charts and graphs based on the data in the dashboard. Finally, you can export your Analytics data to an Excel spreadsheet if you wish to store or analyze the data offline.

III. Identifying Effective Strategies for Gaining Pinterest Followers

In order to gain follower on Pinterest, it is important to identify effective strategies that will ensure a boost in the platform’s engagement and visibility. Here are some tips and tricks to gain more followers:

  • Set Clear Goals: As with any other social media channel, setting clear goals is essential. Identifying what type of content should be used, for example photos, videos, stories, and setting a timeline for the goals to be achieved would lead to efficiency.
  • Be Visible: Regular posting gives followers something to look forward to. Try to post consistently, multiple times a week. Try scheduling time to review analytics to see how posts are performing and figure out which ones have the most engagement.
  • Interact with the Audience: Commenting and responding to comments is a great way to engage with followers, build relationships, and encourage further interaction.

Another way to promote growth is by use of hashtags. Use relevant and popular hashtags, as this will help with visibility and create a way for people to search for content. Additionally, Pinterest allows for ads and sponsored posts. This is a great way to target specific audiences and drive more engagement.

Finally, an important step in gaining followers on Pinterest is creating an aesthetically pleasing profile layout. Use a consistent theme and colour scheme to give visitors a cohesive look and feel, as this will increase the chances of gaining followers.

IV. Tips for Interacting with Your Followers and Keeping Them Engaged

Interaction is key to keeping your followers engaged and an excellent way to understand their needs and desires. Here are some ideas to help you communicate and interact with your followers:

  • Respond to comments: Your followers love it when you read and respond to their comments. It offer a great way to build relationships.
  • Follow back: Follow your followers’ accounts. This helps you stay up to date on what interests them and encourages them to engage more.
  • Be consistent: Set post timetables and frequency times so followers know when to expect content.

In addition, you can also use polls and surveys to get direct feedback from your followers. This helps you learn more about your audience and come up with content that appeals to them. You can also use contests and giveaways to reward followers and increase engagement.

Finally, creating an online community by involving followers in discussions, debates, and Question & Answer sessions is a great way to build your connection. Use hashtags to create conversations and responses that will keep your followers engaged in the long run.

V. Overview of Additional Analytics Tools for Measuring Your Pinterest Success


Pinflux is analytics software designed specifically for monitoring Pinterest performance. It provides an overview of your boards and pins and provides detailed insights into the success of your content using real-time data. Pinflux will notify you when content is engagement is high and give you recommendations to optimize your board and pins. It also offers custom reports that can be used to analyze your results.


Tailwind is an analytics tool that helps you measure and improve the performance of your Pinterest profile. It tracks the performance of your pins and boards over time, allows you to optimize scheduling of posts, and provides analytics insights to increase engagement. It also offers content suggestions to help you quickly identify which topics to focus on for best results.


Ahrefs is a powerful analytics tool that provides detailed information about your pins and boards. It can track the number of shares, likes and comments for each pin, and measure the success of each pin on Pinterest. It also has bookmarking and content discovery features to help you find the best content for your audience. Thanks for reading our article about how to track your Pinterest followers. Hopefully, you were able to learn how to use the Pinterest analytics platform to keep tabs on who is following your profile, as well as how to analyze your follower growth. Also, you can track your followers in conjunction with the other metrics, so you can start to make more informed decisions about your content. Now, you have the tools you need to get a better understanding of who’s connecting with you on Pinterest.

Good luck with your journey and may you experience continued success.