How To View Deleted Tweets On Twitter Easily?

Any daily Twitter user would savvy frustrating accidentally deleting a tweet are often. Pressing simply a couple of buttons wrong will simply delete a tweet, ne'er to be seen again… Or will it? whereas it’s unimaginable to revive your tweets to your Twitter profile, some services give some way to not simply see however additionally recover deleted tweets. Keep reading to be told regarding a number of the most effective ones.

There are many reliable ways in which to retrieve a deleted tweet. The native Twitter methodology remains the simplest and best, particularly since Twitter keeps your tweets anyway and there’s nothing that you just will do regarding it. However, you’re restricted to look them offline, therefore millions of scrolling could also be needed.

On the other side, if you recognize precisely however recent is that the tweet you’re searching for, the Wayback Machine could also be of some help, provided it's a exposure about to that specific date.

  1. The first way is using application

    There is an application that can easily recover all the deleted tweets that have ever been shared in the twitter history of the user. Many people do not know about this but it is very useful and reliable. Now follow the simple steps to view deleted tweets.

    1. Go the application using this link:
    2. Enter the username of the twitter you want to recover or view the tweets.
    3. Confirm the profile and wait for the application to recover all the tweets. After that just finish the verification and you are good to go.
  2. The Usual Way

    1. Log into your twitter.
    2. Click on your profile icon.
    3. Choose the options “settings and privacy”.
    4. In the content section find for request your archive this means that you are requesting each and everything that has been ever stored in the server of twitter under your username.
    5. Wait for the email. An official email will send your email address that was used to create that particular account. After you receive an email there you will see all the archives that have been stored in a zip file. Use any unzipping application and you are good to view all deleted tweets.
  3. Using way back machine

    1. Type or copy a link in the address box and press Enter.
    2. It will first take you to the search results that are shown in the form of a calendar. Any date with a snapshot has a green circle. Hover over such a date to see the exact number of snapshots taken that day in case there is more than one. Otherwise, you can also just click on the date. Note: Chances are you will need to be logged in to Twitter, depending on what you want to find. Also, you can’t choose the interface language otherwise.
    3. The Wayback Machine will then take you to the site while still letting you change the date or the site by accessing its menu on top of the screen.

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