How To View Protected Tweets Without Following the Person On Twitter?

Twitter users will opt to build their tweets public therefore anyone can see them or protected so solely approved followers can read them. Some business Twitter users defend their tweets therefore solely shut business contacts will read tweets that will contain strategic or commercially-sensitive data. There are no thanks to accessing a Twitter user’s protected tweets while not his permission, therefore if you would like to look at protected tweets you’ll be got to follow the user and watch for him to approve your follow request. once approval, the user’s protected tweets can show as traditional tweets that you simply will read from the Twitter kill your own homepage or from the opposite user’s Twitter home page.

There are many ways to view protected tweets without following the person on twitter.

Use this Third Party App

  • Using Tweet Viewer

    For this purpose, a special application is designed that can help you to view all the protected tweets. The process is utterly simple and can be done by anyone. All you need is the username of the person whose tweets you want to view and access to the tweet viewer application.

    Tweet viewer is a free to use application and is currently used by thousands of people around the globe. You can easily access the application by using Insuiter the solutions to all your problems. You can go to the application by clicking here.

    Just enter the username of the twitter handle and choose the option you want to view. And the rest of the work will be done by the application.
  • By Following the person

    1. Sign in to your twitter account in any device that is accessible to you.
    2. Type in the username of the person you want to view protected tweets and select the username.
    3. Click on that big follow button.
    4. Wait for the response from the user. If they accept your request the response will be positive and you will be able to view all their tweets. You will immediately be sent a simple message or you can say notification that the user has accepted your request.
    5. If this did not work for you the person did not respond to your request or you are too shy to follow the person then please try the second method.


Trying to help people is a great support you can give the community and by using this people please do not try to discomfort others. If you really want to help others out use the first method by genuinely following the person. If the person wants to share the information or tweets or pictures with you definitely accept your request else you should understand that it is time to leave them alone.

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