How To View Someone’s Old Pictures On Twitter

How To View Someone’s Old Pictures On Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, it’s natural to want to keep track of everyone’s profile all of the time. Keeping track of someone’s Twitter history is not easy, whether you are a company owner or a curious individual. Twitter enables you to navigate through someone’s Twitter account and receive a comprehensive view of their tweets from a single platform.

You can see every tweet that has been sent from your device as well as those that have been received. Twitter is jam-packed with features meant to supply you with high-quality material and keep you up to speed on current trends. However, how can you see someone’s previous Twitter profile pictures? While tracking the history of tweets is simpler, there is no direct mechanism or built-in tool for tracking a user’s Twitter profile history.

You may expand the target user’s profile by clicking on it, giving you a better look of their profile picture. Twitter, on the other hand, just shows the current profile picture. There is no way to search for someone else’s history of Twitter profile photos. You can only achieve this by manually keeping track of their activity. Simply said, you must check their Twitter accounts on a frequent basis to see whether their profile images have changed. Only their most recent profile images will be available to you, so if you really want to keep track of someone, snap a screenshot of the user’s profile photo.

You may see your profile’s history by going to the “My Profile” page. However, this is solely for your profile. If you want to discover the history of someone else’s profile photographs, you may ask them directly. Many third-party Twitter profile picture solutions promise to provide you with the history of other people’s accounts, but this is almost certainly a hoax.


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