How To View Twitter Accounts Connected To a Single Phone Number

Twitter is today's world has gained popularity and fame as it has connected the whole world in one platform. Twitter has made a great influence on people for sharing knowledge, ideas, and information. People around the world use Twitter mostly. People using Twitter are overcome with many curiosity and problems. Here we will be discussing the way to view or find Twitter Accounts connected with your own phone number.

Are you new to Twitter and having trouble locating your Twitter friends?

Don't worry, figuring out how to locate someone on Twitter by phone number is simple.

You may quickly locate your contacts by following the procedures shown below. How? So, let's get started!

It's reasonable that you'd want to connect with people you already know but who you don't follow on Twitter.

You can easily discover people to follow on Twitter by synchronizing your phone contacts.

If you don't want to be connected with anything from your past, a program that can rapidly remove Twitter likes for you may be very helpful.

Onur Ciddi, Circleboom Blog – Social Media Marketing, explains how it works.

You should provide both a valid phone number and an email address when creating your Twitter account.

The majority of people believe that Twitter requests this information in order to protect our accounts in any scenario, however, this is not the case.

You may sync your contacts to locate pals on Twitter by connecting those credentials to your Twitter account. At the same time, if you want, you may make your Twitter account publicly accessible.

Once you've synced your contacts, Twitter will show you all of the accounts associated with the phone numbers and email addresses you've entered.

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It makes no difference whether you're using an Android or an iOS smartphone. The procedure is the same in both cases.

Step 1: Select “Settings and privacy” from the drop-down menu.

Then, on the main menu, choose “Privacy and security.”

Step 2. : Scroll down until you locate “Discoverability and contacts” and touch it.

After that, you'll be sent to a page with many toggles.

Step 3. : Select “Sync address book and contacts” from the drop-down menu.

step 4: Finally, hit “Sync contacts” and then “OK.”

Note: To find out how to contact someone on Twitter by phone number, they must have added their phone number to their Twitter accounts and enabled the “Discoverability and contact section” option on the Twitter app.

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Final Words

Remember that utilizing a good Twitter management tool may help you make up for the time and effort you've put into Twitter so far.

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