How Can I Log Into Facebook Without a Password

I Forgot Facebook Password And Email Password. How Can I Log Into Facebook

I foolishly lost my Facebook password and am unable to log in. What should I do now? Can I request that Facebook give it to me?

No, Facebook will not send you your password through email. They can’t if they perform security properly. (Read on to find out why.)

There are two ways to consider: the official way and the unofficial way. Even if you don’t utilize the unofficial method, you should be aware of it as another possible security risk.

Facebook’s account recovery method is the only legal option to reset your password. This utilizes information you’ve already set up to validate your authorization. You may not be able to restore your account if you do not have access to current information. If your browser is set to remember passwords, you may be able to see what has been stored.

Password reset for Facebook login

(Please keep in mind that the procedures in this section may vary from time to time, depending on Facebook’s own modifications as well as the circumstances of your case.) Simply follow the procedures provided by Facebook, even if they vary somewhat from what I’ve explained here.)

If you are aware that you do not know your password, you must regain your account. On Facebook’s sign-in page, just below the login password box, there is a link: Have you forgotten your password?

Clicking this will lead you to a screen where you can input the email address or phone number connected with your account.

You will then be provided with a selection of account recovery alternatives for your account.

Choose the one you wish to use and press the Continue button. In the above case, I only have an alternative email address set, therefore I have no other option.

Have you lost access to these?

You’ll see a link that says “No longer have access to these?” If you know you no longer have access to the recovery methods you previously connected with your Facebook account, click it.

You want Facebook to only provide access to people who are allowed to do so, but they need a means to verify it. That evidence is your account recovery information. Without it, Facebook has no means of verifying that you are the legitimate owner of the account and should be granted access.

Without it, Facebook will deny you access and, in the worst-case scenario, will deactivate your account.

Changing your Facebook password

If you have access to the recovery account or method you’ve chosen, Facebook will email you a code.

In my case, it appeared in email.

Enter the code as instructed and press the Continue button.

After proving that you are the genuine account owner, you are prompted to choose a new password.

That is the formal and appropriate way to restore access to your account: by demonstrating your ability to react to the password recovery procedures you first set up, and then setting a new password.

Password recovery on Facebook

If you wish to retrieve your existing password, I must warn you that you may not be able to.

That being said, if you’ve set your browser to remember your password for you, it might be shockingly simple.

I’ll use Firefox as an example, although other browsers provide comparable features.

Click on the “hamburger” menu at the right end of the Firefox toolbar, then Options (or Preferences, depending on your version). Search for “password” in the resultant page’s search field, and then click on Saved Logins…

This will produce a window with a list of all the websites where Firefox has stored your password. Select Show Passwords from the drop-down menu.

After a brief bout of paranoia:

The Saved Passwords dialog box is updated with an additional column with the real password, which is accessible to everyone.

Obviously, I’ve masked my password here; in actuality, it’s as plain as day.

All of this implies you’ve given your browser permission to store your passwords for you. This method will not work if you have not done so.

a security concern

If your browser is capable of displaying your passwords:

Feel relieved if you were able to retrieve your Facebook password in this manner.

Be extremely, very afraid.

If you enable your browser to store passwords, anybody with access to your computer can do what we just did: use this method to find all of your saved passwords.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t suggest allowing your browser to remember passwords. If you must, be ensure that your computer is always secure.

One Last Thought

After you’ve recovered your account — or decided that it can’t be restored — I highly advise you to read my article 12 Steps to Avoid Having Your Account Hacked. You’ll want to do all possible to prevent being in this position again. Whether you forgot your password or your account was hacked, that article will help you protect your account and prevent it from occurring again.

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