How To Make Money While Going Viral On Facebook

How Do You Get Paid When You Go Viral On Facebook

Andy Warhol famously proposed that one day, everyone will be global renowned for 15 minutes. But, if the pop star had lived long enough to see certain online videos, you’d think he’d alter his timescale to 15 seconds. This is because everyone these days, from pet owners to parents, is seeking to profit from viral videos.

But, in the world of online video, does celebrity equal fortune? This is determined by how much money you anticipate to earn. According to Daniel Fisher, executive vice president of audience solutions at London-based video monetization company Rightster, although most successful viral videos make hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the greatest successes— which are uncommon— may produce more than a million.

“In the past four or five years, we have seen a huge accumulation of high-definition video being posted mainly to YouTube, and now other sites such as Facebook,” Fisher adds. Those videos are often seen by almost no one. However, in rare instances, outrageously hilarious, highly frightening, or just wonderful films may begin to circulate, and this is when the viral phenomena starts. According to Fisher, successful videos get picked up by a thought leader, who may be an Internet personality, celebrity, or other significant individual. When someone with a lot of social impact posts a video, its reach skyrockets, and thousands of others start viewing and sharing it right away.

If you’ve monetized your video, this is when the money begins to come in. You may monetise your video on YouTube by using the AdSense service, which inserts advertisements before, within, or near your film. The amount your video earns is determined by a variety of variables, including the kinds and price of advertisements that appear alongside your video. Once it’s online, YouTube counts the views and transfers your part of the profits into your bank account as they come in.

Video advertisements may produce a significant amount of revenue on their own. The Guardian claimed in 2012 that “Charlie Bit My Finger,” which now has over 800 million views, had earned more than £100,000 at the time. According to one blogger, YouTube paid him $5,675 for a video that had around 4 million views over a six-year period. And these Quora users have a plethora of first-hand accounts of how much money they earned from their films.But, unless it’s a mega-hit, Fisher says you’re more likely to see a payment in the hundreds for a successful viral video. Also, bear in mind that the content of a video posted to YouTube must not infringe on the copyrights of others. So, if you’re thinking of playing “Chariots of Fire” on that hilarious video of your child’s first steps, be prepared to hear about it from Vangelis.

According to Fisher, another method to profit from popular videos is to license them — and here is where businesses like Rightster can assist. “If your video seems commercially appealing, it will attract production firms and advertising agencies,” he adds. These companies may pay you pennies on the dollar for the usage of your film and may bind you to restrictive contracts. Rightster functions as an agent, advocating for the best interests of viral video owners. It also has a large network of connections and can promote your film to partners that may be interested in showcasing your clip. When a video reaches this level of popularity, it may earn anywhere between $10,000 to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, if a viral video becomes famous enough, there is another method to earn a lot of money. In Spaceballs, Mel Brooks stated, “Merchandising, merchandising Is where the actual money from the movie is produced.” Honey Badger wears a T-shirt. The plush animal Honey Badger. Honey Badger, the Christmas decoration! ”With just one piece of material, you basically become a brand,” Fisher adds.

Final Thoughts

But can such trinkets make you wealthy? “There have been stories of a single piece of material generating up to a million dollars,” Fisher adds, refusing to disclose any of Rightster’s customers’ earnings. Are those reports accurate? The easiest way to find out is to submit a 15-second video of yourself and see what happens.

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