How To Notify Save Photos On Facebook

Do People Get Notified If I Save Their Facebook Photos

Consider the following story: Some may find this inquiry weird, but I’ve been considering of downloading pictures of my ex from his Facebook page since I miss him a lot. Please don’t condemn me, but I’m curious: do people know if you download Facebook photos? Not only that, but can you detect whether someone saved photos from Facebook, as I’d want to? Or does Facebook notify you if someone has downloaded a picture of yours?

First and foremost, the answer to the preceding question is NO; they are unaware and will not be notified if you download pictures from another person’s Facebook page.

Alerts on Facebook operate according to the security settings of each person, but there is no option for notifications about downloading pictures, just notifications when one is tagged in photos, or when a photo is shared or uploaded by another. Those worried about privacy should carefully examine their Facebook privacy settings, since there are many choices that may make their pictures public. If you don’t want anyone but close friends to see your photos, change your Facebook privacy settings so that each time you share a photo, only your friends can see it–the default privacy setting on Facebook allows anyone who can search for your profile to see pretty much anything you post on your Facebook.

The second half of the question is

“Can you determine whether someone stored photos on Facebook?”

When someone saves a photo from Facebook, they begin by right-clicking on the image and then saving the document to their computer. If you use the download symbol on Facebook, it is very likely being monitored, but if you utilize the right click function, Facebook has no means of knowing who saved the picture. If you’re still unsure if Facebook will inform them, you may take a screen capture of the picture by viewing it full screen and then pressing ALT+PRTSC before saving it to your computer. You will then need to trim the picture back down to size, but Facebook will not be able to tell you whether a photo was downloaded in this manner.

“Does Facebook notify you if someone downloads your photo?” Others may tell you that it does, and they may even show you phony pictures as evidence. However, as previously mentioned, some ways of downloading a picture to your own computer provide no mechanism for Facebook to monitor whether or not the image has been downloaded, preventing Facebook from sending a notice to the person who initially uploaded the photo.

8 Awesome Facebook Activities

  1. Include a link to one’s own profile.

To amuse your pals, publish a status update that reads something like “Look at these dull updates” or “This is my all-time best friend,” along with a link to their own Facebook profile page. You must click on the following link:

Simply don’t enable the link preview option when publishing!

  1. That is the person who unfriended you?

If you just want to be notified of future deletions, go to and sign in using your Facebook account. Go to your Facebook timeline to view previous removals. Instead of clicking on the Friends box, go to the beginning of the year and click on a box in the bottom right that should have a +4 for whatever many friends you added that year, and then see them. If any of the people you added that year now have a “add friend” box next to their names, they have unfriended you.

  1. Make Group Albums

It’s incredible how easy it is to make a group album. Proceed as if you were making an album normally; once made, you may go back and click on the option that reads “Make Shared Album,” and then enter the names of people you want to enable to contribute to this shared album.

  1. Make a new status.

When you need to generate a blank status update, just copy and paste the following for as many lines as you need: @[0:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00 This may result in a question mark in a black diamond for some, but for the majority of people, it will work and leave your pals wondering how they achieved it.

  1. Friend of a Friend’s Grandmother

When you’re done adding your own family, you may start adding your friends’ relatives. Although this may seem weird rather than cool, it is easy to accomplish for any of your friends that include all of their family members in the “about me” part of their profile. Simply browse through this area and friend as many of their family members as you like.

  1. Comment on Someone Else’s Previous “Life Events”

You may remark on other people’s life events as they happen, or you can travel back in time and make a comment to an event that happened many years ago, even if you weren’t there. Facebook’s timeline feature makes this simple, particularly when your friends add previous life events and they begin to show in your own news feed.

  1. Remarks on Decades-Old Photos

When you initially become friends with someone on Facebook, it is common practice to go over their previous history, particularly their pictures. Before you realize it, you’ve fallen in love with a picture from many years ago, perhaps even 10 years ago or more. Rather just like the picture, you should remark on it to demonstrate that you were really interested in what was going on – which is why you liked the photo in the first place!

  1. Participate in Someone Else’s Engagement Photograph

Maybe you want additional alerts, or maybe you simply want to show that you were there for a particular occasion; either way, it’s simple to tag yourself in other people’s pictures, even if you aren’t in them. Simply go to the photo, select “tag this image,” and insert yourself inside the frame to get all of those alerts!


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