How Can Someone See Their Blocked Profile On Facebook

If I Block Someone Message On Facebook Will I See If They Have Seen It

Unless you unblock the user, the banned user will no longer be able to view your postings or account. However, if you have a public account, anybody with another account may view your postings. To prevent others from viewing your postings and account details, set your account to private mode.

Is it possible for a blocked individual to view your public posts?

Only when you block someone does this happen. When you block someone, they are unable to see your timeline, contact you, tag you, or send you friend requests. You won’t be able to observe their activities either. People who are banned may still view your public information and any activity inside applications or groups, which is something most people overlook.

Is it possible for someone who has been blocked to view my postings on a common friend’s wall?

The block function on Facebook enables you to remove a person from your account. They won’t be able to view your postings, but they will be able to see those of your common friends. Blocked people are unable to view you via common friends. It makes no difference whether you tag common friends or if they tag you.

Is it possible for someone who has been blocked to view the history of a conversation?

Is it possible for someone you’ve blocked on Messenger to still view the messages you’ve sent them? Your previous messages and conversations are visible. However, until you unblock them, they will not be able to text you. Previous conversations that have not been removed may be seen.

Is it possible for a blocked individual to view a post in which you’ve been tagged?

They won’t be able to view anything you’ve tagged them in if you’ve blocked them.

Is it possible for someone I’ve banned on Facebook to view me?

They won’t be able to view anything you put on your profile, initiate discussions with you, or add you as a friend if you block them.

When you block someone on Facebook, can they see it?

When you block someone, they will not be informed. On Facebook, you may also ban messages from certain people. If you do this, they won’t be able to contact you in Messenger, and they won’t be informed.

What do people see when you block someone on Facebook?

They won’t be able to view anything you post on your timeline, tag you, send you an invite, friend you, or initiate a discussion with you. You’ll also unfriend them if you’re already friends with them.

When you block someone on Messenger, it means that you don’t want to communicate with them What exactly do they see?

When someone blocks you only on Messenger, you’ll still see them on your list, but you won’t be able to send them messages or see their last seen or active status.

Is it possible for someone I’ve banned on Facebook to view my profile picture?

Blocking someone prevents them from finding you in searches, seeing your timeline, or contacting you with pokes or personal messages. They also won’t be able to view your timeline postings, comments on common friends’ timelines, or the fact that you’re in the same group.

When you ban someone, do their texts get deleted?

If you block a contact, their messages will be ignored. The person whose number you’ve banned will get no notification that their message to you has been blocked; their text will just sit there, seeming to have been sent but not yet delivered, but it will be lost in the ether.

How can you tell whether a Facebook chat has been deleted?

a single response Unless someone saved the page before the deletion, there is no way to tell whether conversations were erased.

When you block someone, what happens to their tagged photos?

Photo tags may vanish completely, partly, or not at all when you block someone. The picture and the person’s name will stay accessible, but the tag will no longer connect to the person’s Timeline from your viewpoint. The tag will remain with a functional link to her Timeline for those who have not banned that person.

Is it possible for a banned individual to view my comments on a common friend’s Instagram post?

As a result, the banned individual will be unable to view your Instagram activity or profile. If you’ve blocked someone on Instagram and you remark on a common friend’s post, the banned person won’t be able to see your comments until they join into the site.

Is it possible to prevent someone from viewing your tagged pictures on Facebook?

Select “Custom” from the privacy settings option under your name. In the “Don’t Share This With” box, type the names of the individuals you don’t want to view the picture, and then click “Save Changes.”

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