How Can You Control Someone From Flirting With Women On Facebook.

How Do You Handle Your Boyfriend Flirting With Women On Facebook

Isn’t it his endearing personality that initially drew you to him? And it’s been wonderful with him; you couldn’t have wished for anything better. But there’s one thing you can’t stand, and that’s your guy’s flirtatious nature. You thought it was charming when you first started dating, but now that you’re a relationship, you can’t help but wince or worse, mistrust his motives.

When he has you, why does he bother flirting so much? Especially with women you know, since this may be very humiliating on many levels.

  1. Determine if it really concerns you.

Some women have a tendency to turn a molehill into a mountain. You may immediately think that your man’s interest to other women is romantic in nature. Stop, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “Does his conduct upset me, or am I acting like the traditional overprotective girlfriend?”

Perhaps you are the one who is uneasy and jealous, implying that the issue is with you rather than with him. If, on the other hand, the issue is with his conduct, then…

  1. Find out why he’s flirting with Other Women

Is there a problem in your relationship? Is your man naturally gregarious? Is he so obsessed with women’s attention that he can’t spend a day without receiving it? It’s conceivable that you’re so preoccupied with your own life that you’re not giving him enough of your time or attention, causing him to act out in this way. Assumptions don’t work in any case. So, go ahead and inquire.

  1. Speak with him.

Maybe he’s too naive to understand that his actions are hurting your emotions. So take a seat and have a conversation with him. Explain your feelings to him, and then inquire as to why he is always flirting with so many women. Keeping your feelings bottled up won’t help you since they’ll inevitably come out at some point. And may God bless you all when they do. When figuring out how to cope with a flirtatious partner, one of the first things to do is talk.

  1. Do him a favor and give him a taste of his own medicine.

If you’ve tried talking to him and he won’t listen, then treat him the same way he does you. Make a point of flirting with men in front of him. Make a compliment to another man by saying something like, “Wow, that was incredible. His partner is very fortunate to have him.” Have some personal contact with other men in front of him every now and then, such as hugs, touching shoulders, and so on, simply to make him uncomfortable. I know it’s petty, but do what makes you happy.

  1. Make friends with his pals.

Particularly if he flirts with your female pals a lot. Another explanation is that he may not be as envious of you flirting with random men as he is of you flirting with his friends. It’ll undoubtedly get a response from him.


  1. Don’t automatically think he’s a liar.

He’s most likely flirting because he’s always been a bit too open-minded with women, or he’s looking for attention. Before you go off the handle and accuse him of cheating on you, consider these two options. Especially when there isn’t any evidence. Flirting isn’t regarded evidence, by the way. So, if you’re trying to figure out how to cope with a flirtatious partner, don’t make this mistake.

  1. Set your foot on the ground.

Take him to the side (away from the group) the next time he flirts with someone and puts you in an unpleasant situation, and tell him that his conduct is not only making you uncomfortable, but also humiliating you in front of your friends.

  1. Make rules for yourself.

This isn’t the same as telling him what to do or who he should talk to. No. Tell him how you want him to act in public, particularly while you’re with him, and how you’d prefer it if he didn’t flirt with every lady at every gathering you two go together. Tell him which kind of flirting you approve of, such as giving compliments, and other types you don’t, such as holding hands, embracing, or kissing other women. Make certain you and your partner are on the same page.

  1. Expect him to remain the same for a long time.

Change takes time, particularly when it involves a person’s personality. Allow him time and patience, as he will undoubtedly make errors on his path to recovery. Instead of continuously criticizing and fighting with him about his nature, be by his side and support him.

So, you took the time to reflect, and it turns out that the issue isn’t your boyfriend’s gregarious personality, but rather your own. So, what are your options for resolving this issue?

Recognize why you’re acting this way.

Perhaps you’re self-conscious. Perhaps you have trust problems since a prior BF cheated on you. Maybe you’re just naturally jealous and possessive. Perhaps you lack confidence and believe that every flirty approach from another woman is an assault on your “ugliness” or “fatness.” Get a handle on yourself, lady. No one has the patience to put up with such nonsense. Before you blame him for your issues, learn to manage your emotions.

Make your life more interesting.

Maybe you’re insecure because your man is the center of your world, and you take everything he does personally, even if it’s not directed at you. You’re most likely a loner, which explains your conduct. That isn’t good for you. Clean up your mess, girl, because he’s not going to deal with your problems for a long time. He’ll probably run out of patience sooner rather than later. In this situation, you should get out and meet new acquaintances, pick up new hobbies, improve your job abilities, visit old friends or relatives, and so on.


It’s better to stop things right there and then if you don’t like how much he flirts and he doesn’t change his ways, or if you can’t sort out your own emotional problems, leading to a lot of clashes and disagreements between you two. You’ll get along better with a bashful man.

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