How Can You Download Facebook Likes

How Do You Download Facebook Likes

Increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page is a critical element when companies are looking for corporates with influencers. This post will teach you the finest Android and iPhone apps for getting Facebook likes.

You may also stand out and gain more likes on Facebook by having your page verified, which is a free service.

Wondershare Filmora is a recommended Facebook video editor.

Do you want to create films and share them on Facebook in order to get more likes? Well, Wondershare Filmora is the finest movie creator for rapidly creating a short or lengthy film. With a single click, you can eliminate the black bar and create a 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio video. There are many built-in free audio options to enhance your movie. It also allows you to import videos from your iPhone. Download it today (for free) if you want to quickly create a video on Facebook! Alternatively, you may find out more at Wondershare Video Community.

Part1: The Best Facebook Likes App for Android

 Liker on Facebook

FB Liker is one of the finest auto liker applications for Android phones for getting likes on Facebook. With the FB Liker, you can increase the number of likes on your Facebook status, pictures, and even post comments on your Facebook status. To boost likes, the tokens of previous AutoLikers users are utilized to like or comment on your Facebook pictures and status updates. The characteristics are as follows:

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Likes obtained automatically from reputable sources

The software is simple to download.

Auto-generated likes are free of spam.

With only one click, you may get immediate real-time likes.

Software with no advertisements

Interface that is simple to use

For generating likes, provide the URL to your article rather than your Facebook username or password.

This software is lightweight and practical, and it operates at breakneck speed. The greatest thing is that Metal can be accessed from anywhere, and Twitter is now available through this app as well. Metal is a battery-saving alternative to the Facebook app. Metal has the following characteristics:

  1. Access to alerts, news feeds, and messages is simple.
  2. A pleasurable ad-free experience reduces your data consumption to a minimum.
  3. You receive a full-screen experience with a fixed toolbar.
  4. Choose any theme and color, whether white, dark, or the default blue.


Apental is an excellent software for increasing Facebook likes. You may also receive an unlimited number of Apental auto comments, page likes, and follows. It is one of the finest auto-likers in recent times and helps to enhance your internet visibility. The characteristics are as follows:

On Facebook, you have an unlimited number of comments and likes.

An easy–to–use interface

Get an infinite number of shares on your pictures.

Software that is completely free

Work is compact, simple, and smooth.

Apental Calc may help you get a lot of likes and comments on your Facebook page. It is simple to utilize the program to rapidly get Facebook likes. Apental Calc has the following characteristics:

The pictures have received an infinite number of likes and comments.

Get organic shares and impressions on your profile page.

Promotion of a company’s Facebook page to generate leads

Download is completely free.

Elegant design with a user-friendly interface

The Get Instant Likes software allows you to get free instant followers, likes, comments, and views on your articles. It also assists in obtaining the best tags to utilize on your posts, which aids this program in gaining likes on Facebook in real-time. The characteristics are as follows:

App that is quick and lightning-fast

Database of popular hashtags

Get an infinite number of likes and comments.

Part2: The Best iPhone App for Getting Facebook Likes


Swipa is a Facebook likes app, so you submit your movies and pictures to Swipa, and the whole world likes and watches your postings on Swipa. To become famous on Swipa, you must post an increasing number of videos and pictures. On the scoreboard, you are rated with all other users who have uploaded pictures and photos. Swipa’s characteristics are as follows:

  1. App for iPhone that is free
  2. More uploads will help you rank higher.
  3. Increase your likes by uploading more videos and pictures.
  4. Increase the number of likes on your profile.

MyFBLiker is a Facebook auto-liking application. It is a very quick, simple, and simple to use Facebook similar enhancing software. It features an easy-to-use user interface, making it simpler for people to utilize the application. This app’s features are as follows:

Facebook auto liker that is completely spam-free

The user interface is straightforward.

Fast and fast likes and comments retrieval tool


The FBoost app makes it simple to reach out to more people by increasing the number of likes on your pages, posts, videos, and pictures. FBoost’s characteristics are as follows:

Likes, comments, shares, opinions, and an improving tool

Users benefit from a simple and straightforward UI.

Facebook Likes is a free software that allows you to increase the number of people who like your page.

 Which App Is the Best for Getting Facebook Likes?

Actually, there are a plethora of applications that may assist you in increasing your Facebook likes. We suggest Metal for Facebook and Twitter if you have an Android phone. Swipa can meet your requirements if you have an iPhone.

Is it Worth It to Buy Facebook Likes?

In the near term, purchasing Facebook likes seems to have increased the popularity of your business. Fraudulent likes, on the other hand, will harm your business in the long term since Facebook has tightened its war on fake accounts. Furthermore, phony likes are detrimental to your account’s engagement and conversion.


You don’t have to be concerned when you have such fantastic applications for getting Facebook likes. Simply publish the appropriate material and allow these apps for Android and iPhone work their magic to increase the number of likes and views on your content. The greatest part is that all of the aforementioned applications are free and simple to use, allowing you to easily expand the reach of your articles. If you want to create a movie that gets a lot of likes fast, try Wondershare Filmora right now!

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