How Can You Find Someone Was Last Active On Facebook Messenger

How To Check Last Login Active Time Of Any Other friend On Facebook

If you’re reading this, it’s probable that you’ve sent a message to a friend on Facebook Messenger and have yet to get a response. Naturally, you begin to wonder what is going on.

Why is he/she not responding to my message?

You want to know whether there is a method to identify when someone was last active on the site and messaging service, mostly to determine whether you are being ignored or if they have genuinely not received the message yet to respond.

If you want to spy on someone, you should read a separate post on how to hack Facebook Messenger (you will learn how to check who is active on Facebook).

But let’s go back to the issue at hand. If you want to know the time and date when your contact last logged in, it is a reasonable request.

If you can give me a few minutes of your time and attempt to remain awake, I can show you how to do this in a straightforward manner.

This lesson will take some of your time, but it will show you how to view the most recent login on Facebook Messenger while using a smartphone/tablet and a computer.

There is no need to waste time; let us get straight to work.

Viewing Facebook activity piques your interest?

I’ve included a few chapters of material below that you may use to your benefit if you put them to use. It’s all really simple, and I have instructions for you to follow from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Smartphones and tablets

If you want to view the most recent Messenger login using a smartphone or tablet, you may use its official app, which is accessible for both Android and iOS.

One of the initial steps is to open your phone and go to the Messenger app (the icon with a white background and blue comic strip.)

  1. Log in to your account if required.
  2. Choose an icon with two tiny guys at the bottom of the page from the loaded screen. You can view all of your current contacts as well as those who have recently used the service on the new interface.
  3. A green dot next to a contact’s name indicates that they are presently online.
  4. Anyone who is not actively utilizing the service will have a label next to their name showing the number of minutes since they were last online ([N]).
  5. If you are unable to locate the contact you are looking for, you may use the direct search option.
  6. To do so, touch on the search box at the top of the screen, put in the contact’s name, and then pick the right individual from the results.
  7. When you click on the name, a chat window will appear. The most recent login information may be seen at the top, just below this individual’s name.

If you can’t view these people’s activities, it’s probably because you haven’t enabled this function in your app.

This is a guaranteed method of obtaining the information you need.

If you need to add this functionality to your app, follow these steps:

  1. In the upper left corner of the Messenger screen, click on your profile picture.
  2. Choose Activity Status.
  3. When You Are Active, flip the “Show” toggle to On.

Even if you have followed these steps to obtain your friends’ and relatives’ last login information on Messenger, you must consider the chance that they have chosen not to make this information accessible.

When you see that the last active information for particular contacts has vanished, it is a fair bet that they have blocked the display of this information. In summary, unless their settings let it, there is nothing you can do to get access to this information.

macOS or PC

If you are using the Messenger program on a PC or macOS device, you may use the Web Version of the service to determine the last login.

  1. To begin, open a normal browser (such as Chrome) and go to the Messenger homepage. Log in to your account here if necessary.
  2. When you’ve logged into your account, click the gear icon in the upper left and choose Active Contacts from the drop-down menu. Click on the name of the contact you wish to view from the list that appears on this list.
  3. If you don’t see it in the results, you can always direct search using the search box on Messenger’s main screen and then choose from the results that show.
  4. After you’ve done this, you’ll see information about the most recent login on the right side of the screen (dedicated to the conversation) underneath the contact’s name at the top.
  5. If they are presently using the service, you will see Active on Messenger, but if they are not, you will see Active [N] m ago.
  6. If you can’t view the activity status of the contacts you want, it’s possible that this function isn’t enabled in your settings.

If the problem is on your end, you won’t be able to view the most recent login information for any contacts.

Here’s what you do to repair it:

  1. In the top left corner, click the gear symbol.
  2. Select Settings from the resulting menu.
  3. Locate the Show Your Activity Status option and change it to ON.
  4. Select Finish to confirm your choice.

If you are still unable to get the contacts’ information, it is probable that they have chosen not to provide their most recent login credentials. There is nothing you can do to get this information if this is the case.

How to Hide Your Facebook Active Status

For the purpose of completing the post, I should explain how you may opt out of Messenger displaying your most recent login.

You’d utilize this information if you didn’t want your contacts to know whether you’re presently online or when you last signed into the service.

In the parts that follow, I’ll describe how to do this using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Tablets and smartphones

So, you want to conceal your ‘last login’ information on Messenger using your smartphone or tablet?

Once you’re in the program, one of the first things you should do is click on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the main screen.

Then, find the Activity Status option and toggle the Show When You Are Active switch to OFF.

You will be prompted to confirm this choice, as with almost every other configuration modification. You may do this by selecting Deactivate, and then you’re done!

As previously stated, disabling this feature from your account prevents you from seeing the “last login” information for anybody else.

This condition can always be reversed. Check out my post on how to delete your Messenger login for more information and alternatives.

macOS or PC

We may now disable this status information on Messenger by utilizing the Web Version of the service.

  1. Once you’ve signed in and reached the home page, the first thing you should do is click on the gear icon in the top left.
  2. Then, from the menu that appears, choose Settings.
  3. Now a popup opens with the option Show Your Activity Status. You must change the status to OFF and then confirm it by clicking Finish. That’s all there is to it.
  4. I’d like to point out that you may also conceal this “Last Login” status via the Facebook Website. To do so, go to the social network’s homepage and sign in.
  5. Once there, click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the chat bar.
  6. Now, from the option that displays, choose Deactivate Activity Status.
  7. Select whether you want to disable the activity status for all contacts, all contacts except some (and then specify the exemptions in the relevant area), or just certain contacts using the box on the screen (and choose which contacts fit this need.)
  8. You may confirm your selection by pressing the OK button.

It is worth noting that all of the actions I have just described, essentially everything on the Facebook website, may also be done using the Facebook app for Windows 10.

You should keep in mind, as I previously said, that disabling your activity status may prevent you from seeing the status of others.

If you change your mind and revert to the default settings, you can always change your mind later.

How do you know who logged in last on Facebook if they aren’t your friends?

So, I’m assuming you want to spy on someone’s Facebook page now.

There is only one way to accomplish this, and that is to initiate a discussion in any capacity with the targeted contact.

You may use Messenger to contact and communicate with people who are not on your friend list.

If you want to do this, you must contact the person you want to learn more about and wait for them to respond. If you get a message from someone who is not a friend, you must respond at least once before this information is accessible.

If a discussion has started, you will be able to see the most current login information for the unsaved contact by following the same steps outlined previously in this tutorial.

In any other case, seeing the last login of a contact on Messenger who you have not added as a friend is impossible.


I wanted to show you how to check when someone was last active on Messenger, whether you’re on a smartphone or a computer. Hope you got what you wanted.


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