How Can You Find Someone Watching Your Live Video On Facebook

How Can I See Who Watched My Facebook Live Video After It Was Broadcasting

Since Facebook introduced Facebook Live Broadcast in early 2016, influencers and businesses have jumped on board, hoping to connect with their audience and acquire new followers or customers.

It’s no surprise. A live video is an excellent method to reach out to your audience in a genuine, down-to-earth manner, demonstrating your willingness to engage in open dialogue and earning their trust and admiration.

Unlike YouTube, where most videos seem extremely professional, are highly directed, or follow a cookie-cutter style, Facebook Live has a more casual vibe to it, and is, of course, live (during its live broadcast), allowing you to interact with your viewers on the spot.

Furthermore, you don’t have to edit any videos, and you get the best of both worlds: live interaction with your audience while the video is live streaming, and a static video that can remain on your feed long after the live streaming is over, allowing people to like and comment on your video, just like they would on YouTube.

However, there are four major topics that people are interested about when it comes to Facebook Live, whether for privacy reasons, statistical objectives, or just because they are curious:

Is it possible to tell who is viewing my Facebook live?

What happens when you go live on Facebook? Can you see who is watching your Facebook Live?

You can see who is viewing your Facebook Live video and anybody who interacts with you on the video while it is playing. If you are Facebook friends with them, you will be informed when they begin viewing your video, and if you are not, you will notice when they engage with the video (that is, when they like and/or comment).

Is it possible to know who watched your Facebook Live after it ended?

While everything seems to be simple during the Facebook Live, the difficulties begin once the broadcast has finished. While you may post the video for subsequent watching and participation, what occurs when the film is finished? Is it possible to know who watched your Facebook Live after it ended?

You won’t be able to know who watched your Facebook Live video during its live broadcast after it has finished. You can see statistics and figures – such as how many views it received, how long the video was watched for, where your viewers are from, how old they are, what gender they are, and so on – but not individual names.

There is no way to tell who exactly watched your video unless you have an elephant memory and recall everyone who joined the video throughout its live broadcast, or you have a staff of minions scribbling down all the names.

However, if you really want to see as many individual viewers after the video has finished, be strategic and have them engage. Ask questions, solicit feedback or thoughts, or do anything else that may entice people to remark and interact with the video. Because it is so successful, some influencers have a Q&A session on Facebook Live.

Also, if you’re interested in this because you don’t want your video to be seen by a certain demographic, you may alter that in the video settings.

Is it possible for others to see you on Facebook Live?

Can someone see you if you watch their Facebook Live? More precisely, can someone see you if you don’t click on a live video?

When you click on a Facebook Live video, your name is only exposed if you are friends with the person producing the video or if you engage with the video by like, commenting, or sharing. Even if you’re friends, they won’t be able to see you if you don’t click on a live video, and you’ll be able to watch a muted Facebook Live video anonymously.

Also, depending on your privacy settings, your other friends may be able to see when you join a video or engage with it, so keep that in mind if you want to keep your watching habits private.

And will my Facebook buddy be able to tell that I viewed their live video?

There is no way to tell you viewed a live video after it has finished unless you comment, like, share, or post it on your timeline. However, if you are friends with the video publisher on Facebook, they will notice when you join the video in the comment area.

That is, if they notice or remember it at all. They may not.

Once the video has finished streaming and been published, the person who posted it will be able to see analytics such as the number of views, watching duration, and a few specifics such as location, age group, and gender, but they will not be able to see specific names unless you have interacted with the video.

Overall, Facebook Live is a fantastic Facebook tool for company owners and marketers, providing valuable information into what your followers are interested in. So, unless you’re really interested in certain viewers or you’re attempting to conceal anything from your pals, I wouldn’t be too concerned about who can see what information or who your individual viewers are.


After all, we all know that Facebook isn’t going to provide us that information anytime soon (or ever), so I’d simply concentrate on the data we do have, which aren’t insignificant and may be a valuable tool in your success arsenal. Facebook Live, with appropriate preparation, may help you generate a lot of interaction and propel your company to new heights.