How Can You Make Your Twitter account Private

What Does The Lock Icon In Twitter Mean

Have you ever browsed through Twitter and noticed that certain people’ usernames have tiny lock symbols next to them? If you did, you may have come to a halt to observe what was going on. You’ve undoubtedly realized that there are certain things you can’t do with such accounts after a short look around.

What’s going on? What exactly is it, lock? What does it imply when a Twitter account is locked, and how does it impact an account? And, more importantly, why would anybody do such a thing to their account (or is this within Twitter’s control)? Let’s get started on answering those questions.

What exactly is the Twitter Lock Icon?

Let’s take a look at the platform’s nature before we answer that question. Asynchronous connections are what Twitter feeds on. What exactly does it imply? Olivia may simply follow Nathan and respond to his postings. Nathan can view and engage with Olivia’s tweets (even if he doesn’t follow her) due to the nature of Twitter. In other words, everything you publish on Twitter may be seen by anybody, whether or not they follow you.

You may have seen a user account with a padlock next to the username, but what does it signify on Twitter? It refers to a Twitter account that is only accessible to you. When you click on that account, you’ll see the change right away. You may read the tweets if you already follow that account. You cannot, however, respond or retweet them. In reality, the only reason you can view a protected post is because you’ve subscribed to that account’s feed.

In other words, only followers of a private Twitter account can view postings from that account, and even those who can see it can’t act on it as they can with an unprotected account. Those who are currently following a user will be able to view the account posts after they have turned their account to “protected.” What about new followers, though?

Other Twitter users won’t be able to follow you automatically after you’ve changed your account status to “protected.” They may ask for permission to follow you, but you must grant it before they can see what you’re doing. If you decline the request, that person will not be given access to your tweets.

Why Do You Need a Twitter Account That Is Protected?

Now that you know what a secret Twitter account is, you may be wondering, “Why do this?” This is particularly troubling when the account belongs to a company. Even if the account in issue belongs to your business, there are certain legitimate reasons why you may wish to do so.

Let me give you an example of when it makes sense to set up a Twitter account for a business as a protected account.

Assume your business is going to launch a completely new product or service. Assume you’re a bunch of Python developers working on something really game-changing. You may want to make certain announcements but only want people who follow you on Twitter to see them. Only people who follow you will be able to see your postings if you make that account private.

Remember that only individuals who are able to view the postings may respond or retweet. As a result, your Python web development business may tweet about its forthcoming release without fear of it being retweeted. Of course, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that one of your followers may respond with an original tweet or a screenshot of your message. However, it eliminates the ease of retweeting.

If you take away that convenience, a lot of people will be hesitant to act.

Another advantage of password protection is that it stops spam, bots, and fraudulent accounts from following you. You may also choose not to be followed by accounts with certain political, social, religious, or extremist connections. This may be avoided by safeguarding your account.

Why Shouldn’t Your Twitter Account Be Locked?

Marketing is a pretty straightforward issue to answer. When you password secure your account, you severely restrict the number of people who can see it. Unless a Twitter user is really interested in your business, they will not bother to follow you, particularly if their engagement with your account is minimal.

Unless you’re utilizing the protected status for a limited time, be aware that shutting down your account may severely limit your company’s visibility on the platform.

What Is the Best Way to Make a Twitter Account Private?

Doesn’t know how to make your Twitter account private or secure it. It’s an easy matter. To demonstrate all processes, we developed a visual graphics. Log in to Twitter and do the following steps:

  1. In the left menu, choose More.
  2. From the popup menu, choose Settings and Privacy.
  3. Select Privacy and Security.
  4. Select the Protect your Tweets checkbox (Figure 1).
  5. Click Protect when asked.

On the Twitter mobile app, the steps are almost identical.

Simply go back and undo the procedure if you wish to unprotect your account.

Final Thoughts

That’s how you’d want to secure your Twitter account, and that’s how you can do it. This may be a very useful tool for any business that needs a brief amount of anonymity. Make your Twitter account private with care, and the function will be beneficial to you.

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