How Can You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

How To Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

It's very simple to customize Manage Multiple social media Accounts the kinds of interactions that appear in your Social Inbox. A list of all the social accounts you manage with Napoleon Cat may be seen on the right-hand side of the dashboard. To choose which interactions will be featured in your stream, just check the boxes.

You may also choose a specific time frame for the interactions you wish to see.

In your Social Inbox, you may also filter conversations. You may filter interactions by user and content tags, as well as sentiment, under the filter settings.

You may also sort tickets by your team's moderators. Simply select More filters in the top bar of the Social Inbox to access filter options.

Manage numerous social media profiles in real time with the help of a team.

Napoleon Cat makes administering social media as a team easier and more efficient, particularly when several people are moderating the same accounts.

To begin with, the Social Inbox is updated in real time. As a result, each project member only sees material that hasn't been responded to or otherwise regulated by anybody else.

You can also watch who is doing what in real time! With the new, enhanced view of our Social Inbox, you can be confident that you won't respond the same remark or message as any of your coworkers.

There's also the ability to mark any piece of material as inappropriate. This manner, you may attract the attention of other moderators to important remarks and sensitive questions, for example. All marked threads are transferred to a separate tab so no one misses an essential conversation.

The number of messages awaiting moderation will appear next to the “Flagged” link in the top bar of the Social Inbox.

Additionally, each Napoleon Cat user may customize their own mailbox. It's very beneficial if certain project members are just interested in or accountable for certain types of interactions or profiles.

You may also utilize the “send to consult” function, which enables users to ask other team members, managers, customers, stakeholders, and others for assistance or an opinion (by email).

The recipients don't have to be Napoleon Cat users, but their answers will appear in the Social Inbox immediately.

You can also manage your social media from anywhere and at any time using our mobile app. It's compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Manage comments platforms in one place. And messages from many

On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google My Business, you may answer inquiries and engage with consumers. All of this may be found on a single dashboard. DMs on Instagram are included! For a limited time, you may try Napoleon Cat for free:

For 14 days, you can try Napoleon Cat for free. There is no need to use a credit card.

Translations – translate all incoming communications into the same language and respond in the same language.

You can now expand your company but not necessarily your budget using Napoleon Cat’s Translations function.

You may respond in the language of the person you're addressing by translating all incoming messages into one of the over 100 languages supported by Google Translate.

Check out our Translations Tutorial if you want to learn more about this feature.

Facebook and Instagram moderation now automated.

Finally, there's Auto-moderation, Napoleon Cat’s automated solution for dealing with predictable and repeated Social Inbox encounters at scale. You may use automatic moderation to:

  1. build up automated responses to comments and messages based on keywords,
  2. Comments containing links are automatically hidden and flagged for human review.
  3. Delete abusive comments automatically,
  4. automate ad moderation, ensuring that your Facebook ads' ROI is protected.

Using Napoleon Cat to create an auto-moderation rule

The number of potential applications is endless; for ideas, see this article. In the end, automating the more predictable parts of community management will free up more time for your staff to handle complicated and sensitive client questions.

Facebook comments, Facebook private messages, Instagram comments, and comments posted to Facebook and Instagram advertisements are all subject to auto-moderation guidelines.

Creating a system automatic moderating

Here's how to get your first Auto-moderation rule up and running.

  1. In the upper right corner of the Social Inbox panel, choose Automoderation.
  2. In the upper right corner of the pop-up, choose “Add new rule.”
  3. Name your rule, for example, “Instagram advertising.”
  4. From the dropdown menu, choose the page to which the rule should be applied (note that for ads, every individual paid campaign is listed as a separate page)
  5. Choose a trigger, which is the user activity that will cause the specified automated action to be triggered. Comments on your page, comments on a particular article, and private messaging are all possibilities.

Note: If you choose comments for a particular article, the “Postings” section will automatically fill with the most recent posts from the chosen page or campaign. Check as many as you like; the auto-moderation rule will apply to all of your choices.

Finally, choose keywords that must be used in comments in order to prompt an action, such as curse words as keywords for flagging inappropriate remarks. If you don't use keywords, the rule will apply to all of the comments you provide.

After you've defined your trigger, you'll need to determine what automated action it will initiate. Comments that meet your trigger settings may be archived, deleted, or reported. You may also have responses published automatically.

For example, if you're a software developer that offers a free trial to potential clients, you may create an auto moderation rule using the term “trial” as the trigger keyword. Your automated response may send visitors to a sign-up form or a website with product details.

Randomize various answers and include usernames in your reply to prevent coming off as impersonal. The more random responses you provide in your rule, the more realistic the automated responses will seem.

That's all there is to it! As soon as you save your rule, it goes into effect. This implies that comments made on your social account before you set the rule will not trigger automated inbox actions.

Defend your social media accounts against spam and trolls.

Delete or hide spam and bad remarks from your comments automatically. Advertisements on Facebook and Instagram are included. It's completely free to try:

For 14 days, you can try Napoleon Cat for free. There is no need to use a credit card.

Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business on a regular basis.

We should highlight our newly enhanced Publisher when it comes to having all of your social media in one location. You may write, schedule, and publish content straight from your computer using the Publisher.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google My Business are all supported. You may use the Publisher to collaborate on your content schedule and take social media management to a new level of ease.


Napoleon Cat is a powerful social media management tool that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one location and interact with your audience across many social networks.

You can simplify your team's work, save time, and rest knowing that you will never miss an essential comment or review using the tool's collaboration and automation capabilities.

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