How Do You Access Desktop Version Of Facebook On Phone.

How To access The Desktop Version Of facebook on Phone

The desktop version of Facebook can accomplish a lot of things that the mobile application can't. Only a desktop browser or a tablet may access the Facebook PC version of the site. But what if you want to use a mobile phone browser to access Facebook's desktop version? Is there a way to access the desktop version of Facebook on a mobile phone browser? There is, indeed. Continue reading to learn how it's done.

Please keep in mind that using Facebook's complete desktop site on a mobile phone will not be as productive as using it on a PC, but you will be able to utilize the most of the Facebook desktop version features on your mobile phone (assuming you have a high-end Android or iOS phone).

On your iPhone or Android device, go to Facebook's desktop version.

I don't understand the point of attempting to use the Facebook desktop site on a cell phone, but there are a few options for accessing the complete site below. Please test each technique until you discover one that works with your phone or tablet.

If you attempt to use a third-party program to access the Facebook computer version on your phone or tablet, there's a good possibility your account will be hijacked.

That is why, in this lesson, I do not suggest any of these third-party apps. Even if the application seems to be legitimate, Facebook may suspend or terminate your account for misusing or providing access to certain third-party apps that appear suspicious.

I finally discovered a method to access Facebook's desktop version on iPhone and Android phones after trying several browsers and techniques suggested on forums and blogs (that were old and not functioning).

Let's look at how to utilize it on iPhone first, then Android. On both operating systems, we use the Opera Mobile browser to access the Facebook desktop version.

  1. On iPhone , open the Facebook desktop version.

Opera is a free web browser available for download on the AppStore. All you have to do now is make sure you have your Apple ID login if you haven't previously.

To download free apps, you'll need to sign in to the Apple App Store.

1.1 Installing Opera

Allow me to show you how to install the Opera browser on your iPhone.

Search for Opera Browser on the AppStore.

Opera Browser for iPhone is available for download.

Look for the “Opera Browser: Fast & Private” program.

Install it on your iPhone by tapping on “Get.”

How to Install Facebook on an iPhone Using a Computer – Video Instructions

1.2 How To Make Use Of It

  1. Start using the Opera browser that you just installed.
  2. Tap the Facebook icon on the home screen. Go to as an alternative.
  3. Log in to your Facebook account, then touch the “three bars” symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen after it has loaded.
  4. The “Desktop Site” slider should be moved to the right.

That Facebook page will immediately refresh, and the iPhone will now display the Facebook desktop version.

  1. On Android Phones, Go To The Facebook Full Site

The procedure for accessing the entire Facebook site on an Android phone is the same as it is on an iPhone.

2.1 Installing the Opera Browser

  1. Locate and launch the “Play store.”
  2. Use the top search bar to look for “Opera Browser” and download it.
  3. It should just take a few minutes to complete.

2.2 How To Make Use Of It

  1. Open the browser after the download is finished.
  2. On the homepage, tap the “Facebook” icon. If you can't locate it, enter “” into the address bar at the top of your browser.
  3. It will send you to the mobile version of Facebook's website, “”
  4. Now, hit the settings symbol in the upper right corner. It seems to be three dots.
  5. Look for “Desktop site” in the sliding menu and touch on the slider to activate it.

6.The page will immediately refresh after you activate it.

The desktop version of Facebook's login page should now appear.

Simply enter your credentials and you're done! On your Android phone, you may use the full version of the desktop site.

Final Thoughts

Was it successful? Please let me know if you were able to access the Facebook desktop version site in the comments section below. Let us know if you know of any other methods to load the entire Facebook site on a mobile phone.

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