How Do You Ask Someone To Hang Out On Facebook

How Do You Ask a Girl Out If You Only Know Her Through Facebook

If you’re trying to ask a lady out that you don’t know, use this as your first message:

“Hello, Haley! My name is Mike. We haven’t met, but your profile appeared as a suggested friend in my Facebook stream, and you piqued my interest. I saw your profile photo shows you visiting the Grand Canyon—-is this your first trip there? It was one of the greatest locations I’ve ever seen, and I went with my family last year.”

There’s no assurance that anything like this would succeed, but being truthful is a smart approach. If she replies, continue the discussion in a normal manner. Don’t act strange; simply speak to her like a normal person.

 Asking a Girl Out on Facebook (Appropriately)

After a few chats, you should pause and assess the exchanges thus far before moving on. Does she attempt to reply to your messages in a timely manner? Is there back-and-forth, or do you receive one-word responses like “Yeah” and “OK”? Is she showing any interest in you, or does it seem that she is just putting up with you?

Think over these questions carefully. Give it a go if you’ve had a good time chatting with her and believe she’d be open to meeting up. However, if she doesn’t appear engaged while you’re making nice conversation, she’s probably not interested on a date.

If you don’t want to ask her out on a date just yet, try asking for her phone number. You may converse this way by texting or using a messaging software like WhatsApp. Using this, you may experiment with chatting more often during the day rather than only using Facebook. If you have a hankering for her, you may try asking her out through phone call rather than Facebook, which should provide better results.

The Big Question: Should I Ask Her Out?

If you want to skip all of this and ask a lady out on Facebook right now, make sure you frame the question correctly. People are aware that people on the internet aren’t necessarily who they seem to be, so you don’t want to do anything unusual.

You don’t want to invite her to travel to a wild and isolated area, for example. You might propose spending time in a group like the one described above, or you could attempt something like this fairly safe request:

“Norah, I’ve really liked talking with you over the last several weeks, and I’d love to meet up in person if you’re available. What do you think about meeting for coffee on Saturday afternoon at the Starbucks on Oak Avenue?”

Take note of two key aspects of this: meeting in a public location and providing a definite time for a date. You don’t want to invite her to accompany you to your grandparents’ cottage in the woods for the weekend since that’s weird. When it comes to the date’s specifics, it’s equally essential to avoid broad generalizations. Don’t leave the door open to “hang out someday.” Instead, give her a precise day and time range so she may respond directly.

After you ask her out, things might go one of two ways:

She deletesand/or blocks you as a friend. If your request bothers her so badly that she chooses to unfriend you, you must let it go and move on. Don’t whine about her to your common friends or attempt to conjure up a reason to speak to her again.

She doesn’t say anything. Wait a few days if this is the case. Then, on Messenger, double-check to make sure she received your message and isn’t on vacation or anything. If she sees it but does not reply, you may follow up once: “Hey Norah, I just wanted to make sure you got my message!” A lack of reaction indicates that she is uninterested. Do not contact her again; instead, leave her alone.

She declines. Don’t dispute or inquire as to why. You may say something like, “No issue, just wanted to check if you were interested!” Then it’s up to you whether or not to continue talking with her. If you attempt to carry on a discussion with her and she looks distant, it’s usually better to walk on.

She offers you an evasive response or an excuse. When you ask a lady out, she may not tell you a flat “no” in order to “make you feel better.” Instead, they will make an excuse and leave you wondering if you should pursue the issue further. In this instance, adhere to the Brad Pitt Rule:

She agrees. If she says she’d love to go, that’s fantastic! Confirm the specifics with her so that you’re both on the same page. You should also get her phone number so that you may contact her if something unexpected occurs on the occasion.

A Few No-Nos for Talking to Girls on Facebook

We’ve gone through the procedures and possible stumbling blocks of asking a lady out on Facebook. Finally, let’s go through certain ways you should avoid. Using them to attract a girl’s attention will make you seem like a moron, make her feel uncomfortable, and will not end well.

Sending dull and generic texts is not a good idea. Don’t send your first message to a lady you’re interested in with the words “Hey.” This is not only dull and tells her nothing about you; it may also lead her to believe you’re one of those online dating fraudsters. Be one-of-a-kind—-worth she’s more than a two-second introduction.

DO NOT approach a girl in public to ask her out. Apart from Messenger, everything you do on Facebook is accessible to others. Never, ever attempt to flirt with a lady or ask her out via a status update, a post on her timeline, a remark on her picture, or anything else. It’s extremely juvenile, will humiliate her, and will make others wonder what you’re doing. Don’t be a coward; asking on Facebook is already simpler than asking in person.

Don’t be obnoxious. This one should be self-explanatory. Don’t leave hundreds of comments on her pictures in a succession. Send messages only when necessary. Avoid clumsy pick-up lines. Also, never make any vulgar or sexual remarks. They aren’t humorous and make you seem to be an adolescent.

Don’t behave as though your life is at stake. Take the experience in stride. You’re simply chatting to someone, and if she’s not interested, there will be many other chances to date.

You should never, ever “poke” her on Facebook. We’re not sure why this function is still available. It should not be used.


We’ve gone through how to approach a lady on Facebook, talk with her, and ask her out on a date from beginning to end. It is feasible, but it is probably not the ideal approach.

We suggest that you utilize any other accessible way to ask a lady you’re interested in out. Call her if you have her phone number. Request that a common friend introduce you in person. Messaging on Facebook is useful for learning basic information about someone, but it has a number of drawbacks. Keep it in mind when you make your decision.

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