How Do You Wish Your Crush Happy Birthday On Facebook

How Do I Wish My Crush Happy Birthday On Facebook

here are all the ways to wish my crush happy birthday on facebook

My secret crush’s birthday is today.

If I told you that you’re my secret, you’d be shocked.

It wouldn’t be a secret anymore, crush…

So I’m not going to tell you!

My darling, I wish you a very happy birthday. I hope this helps.

enjoy a lovely and memorable birthday

as lovely as you are!

I may have a little crush on you.

I wanted to take advantage of your birthday today.

the chance to tell you something that

has been on my thoughts for some time…

I may have a little crush on you!

It’s not a huge issue, and I’ve got it under control

control, though! I’m keeping it under wraps!

I wish you a wonderful birthday.

I have a crush on you, as the rumors say.

You may have heard that I have a crush on you, and since it’s your special day, I’ll come clean and confess that they’re real!

I doubt you’ll get a greater present than that for your birthday today!

So far, I’ve kept my infatuation a secret.

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday

For my lovely crush

Who, up until now,

I had remained silent!

Happy birthday, my adoring infatuation!

My crush deserves a lot of love, kisses, and embraces.

I’d want to wish a very happy birthday to a

true radiance! I’m sending you a lot of love,

Today has been filled with kisses and embraces!

I hope everything you’ve been up to has gone well.

Wishes have lately come true for

You on your special day, lovely!

I’d never forget the birthday of my secret infatuation.

You had a wonderful birthday! I know you didn’t believe I’d remember your birthday today, but how could I forget a man as awesome as you?

I wish you a great day and want you to know that I am thinking of you today.

I can’t deny that you’re my crush.

Happy birthday to someone special.

I adore and desire for you!

I can’t live with the knowledge that I have

I have a big soft place for you.

adequately concealed, so I may as well

Accept it!

I wish you a wonderful birthday.

and who knows, maybe you’ll get a new girlfriend.

perhaps? Wink, wink.

Birthday greetings and love to my crush

Congratulations on your birthday, gorgeous!

Your birthdate is one of those

I would never, ever miss, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,

I would not pass up the opportunity.

chance to provide you with

a huge happy birthday kiss!

Your ideal crush sends you a birthday greeting

I’m sure the person of your dreams is wishing you a happy birthday today… It’s up to you to figure out who it is!

Congratulations on your birthday!

Birthday greetings and huge love to my crush

In addition to sending you

The greatest birthday greetings

I’ve also included

Some really large kisses!

Have a wonderful day,

You’re really cute!

A small note for my crush’s birthday

A little birthday greeting for a genuine person.

cuteness, which I’ll keep brief and to the point!

Every time I see you, I feel thrilled.

so that on your special day, I can see your face

I hope you can feel the same way this year.

I love how happy you make me feel!

Huge kisses!

You’re more than a crush.

Happy birthday, whomever you are.

I have a strong urge!

You are more than a fleeting fancy.

I’m certain of it! obsession I’m a beautiful girl.

We’re convinced we’re soulmates!

I wish you a very happy birthday,

from your adoring admirer!

My witty little crush

I’m sending a cheeky little birthday greeting to a very beautiful young lady!

I wish you a birthday that is as amazing as you are!

Your not-so-secret admirer wishes you a happy birthday.

Congratulations on your birthday!

a not-so-hidden admirer!

I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that

I have a special place in my heart for

Just a tiny crush on you!

But, really, who could blame them?

Take a peek at me!

I wish you a happy birthday.

as lovely as you are!

It’s past time for you to realize how unique you are.

I’m sending birthday kisses to a very stunning man!

I may be bashful, but it’s about time you realized how important you are to me and that I’ve had a crush on you for quite some time!

I cherish our relationship, but you are so much more to me! I wish you a wonderful love-filled birthday today.


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