How To Add Instagram Stories On Facebook

How Do I Add Instagram Friends To Facebook

In order to utilize third-party platforms to create your Instagram stories, you must first link an Instagram account to a Facebook Page on which you are an admin or editor.

You must link your Instagram profile with a Facebook page in order for the EmbedStories platform to gather your Instagram stories. The Facebook/Instagram platform has an explicit API requirement for this.

To get Instagram stories, you'll need to provide a Facebook account that's an admin to a Facebook page that's linked to the Instagram profile where you want to create Instagram stories permissions.

There are two instructions below, depending on which Facebook page interface you have right now (old or new).

Important: To administer the Facebook page you wish to link with an Instagram profile, you must have the admin position on your Facebook account.

Option 1: Use the new Facebook Page interface to link your Instagram account.

For those who are using the old Facebook interface, these are the procedures to link an Instagram profile with a Facebook page:

Step1: Go to your Facebook page and click on the ‘Page Settings' link in the bottom left corner.

Step 2: Select Instagram from the left-hand menu and click the ‘Connect Account' button.

Step 3: A popup will open asking you to connect to your Instagram account. Once you've done so, continue the steps to convert your Instagram account to a business or professional account.

When you're done, you'll get a notification that says, “You've converted to a business account on Instagram.”

If you are still unable to locate the Instagram profiles in the list, please contact us for assistance.

That's all; your accounts are now connected.

Step4: Return to EmbedStories and select ‘Refresh' on the Accounts page (if you just established an account during the setup process, choose ‘Refresh Accounts' on the Select Source page, as shown below).

When the website refreshes, your Instagram account will appear in the table.

Step 5: Select the profile and click ‘Build widget' to create your Instagram stories widget and begin producing stories.

Please keep in mind that you may link several Facebook pages to various Instagram accounts, and EmbedStories can sync and create Instagram stories for all of them.

Option 2: Use the old Facebook Page interface to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page.

If you're using an older Facebook Page interface, the steps are the same except that the access to the settings area specified in Step 1 is located in a different location — the top-right corner, as seen below:

The remaining procedures are identical to those in Option 1.

Option 3: Use the Instagram app to link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile.

Using the Instagram app interface, you may convert your Instagram account to a professional account or connect it to a Facebook profile. The official tutorials are as follows:

Create an Instagram Business Account

What is the procedure for linking or unlinking my Instagram account from my Facebook profile?

In your Instagram account, change the Linked Facebook Business Page.

If you need to link your Instagram business account to another Facebook page controlled by the same Facebook profile, or if you need to unlink an account, just follow the instructions below:

Go to your Instagram profile and hit ‘Edit profile' after opening the app.

Tap Page under the ‘Public Business Information' area.

Simply pick a different Facebook page from the list and hit Done in the top-right corner.

Instagram pictures and stories may be shared on your Facebook page.

If you ever want to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account in order to share Instagram posts straight to a Facebook Page, follow the same steps.

This manner, you may simultaneously publish the same material from your Instagram mobile app (for iPhone or Android) to your Facebook Page as a Facebook post.

Simply follow the steps described above to convert a personal account to allow you to publish straight to a Facebook page for commercial reasons.

Final Words

When you link this to share new posts, you'll be given the opportunity to choose a Facebook Page before tapping Share on the final page of the Instagram sharing flow.

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