How To Buy A facebook Page

How Can I buy A Facebook Page

This is a list of websites where you may purchase Facebook fan pages.

FanPagesMarket Offers a wide selection of page sizes ranging from $100 to $10,000.

Contact the page's owner on Facebook and inquire whether or not he sells his page.

If you search for ‘buy Facebook fan pages,' you will get a range of results.

What is the standard price structure for purchasing and selling a Facebook Page?

The price is determined by the number of followers on the page and the degree of interaction; the higher the level of engagement, the more you spend or earn per follower.

A page with 1,000 followers and high engagement will typically fetch about $0.5 per follower, thus a page with 1,000 followers and good engagement would fetch $500.

If the page has poor engagement, the price per follower may be as low as $0.10 per follower, implying that a page with 1,000 followers and little interaction would be sold for $100.

A page with 30,000 followers and high interaction may be sold for $15,000!

What exactly is engagement?

Engagement is the audience's reaction to each post that the page publishes; reaction is measured by likes, shares, and comments.

What are the risks of purchasing or selling a Facebook page or account?

If you want to purchase a Facebook Page, it is generally because you don't want to put in the time, effort, and money to develop your own following, but is it worth it?

As seen in the graph, Organic Reach for Facebook Pages is always low.

Since 2015, it has just not been worth the risk or the money to buy a Facebook fan page.

If you want to sell a Facebook Page, you should consider the dangers involved.

According to Facebook's terms of service, you are not permitted to sell your Facebook page unless you get their explicit consent.

In other words, you are not permitted to sell your page, and the chances of Facebook responding to your request and providing you with formal authorization are almost nil.

They will most likely not respond.

According to the Facebook rules of service, they have the ability to prohibit each of the accounts involved in the transaction, which implies that both the seller and the buyer's personal accounts may be blocked.

They may also remove the page…

This implies that if you purchase a Facebook page, you may have it removed instantly or soon after taking ownership of it.

Followers who are not real

So you may spend money on a page that gets around 3% organic reach on average, assuming the followers are genuine.

If the page followers are phony, you will get 0.5-1 percent engagement or even 0% engagement.

You must request evidence from the page owner about the engagement rate of the postings, and he must disclose the page's internal statistics to you.

How can you be certain that the owner did not buy false followers in order to sell the page and profit?

There are certain scumbags out there that create a page, then buy phony followers, inflate it up to 30,000 followers, and then sell it; this is their business model… Don't get taken in by this ruse!

Brand damage and an unengaged audience

Selling your page is a “betrayal” of your followers' trust; they followed you for a purpose, particularly if you are an influencer or a business.

They will be confused as to what happened to you and why you are no longer providing them with updates; instead, there is a new owner who does not offer the same material and is not the brand owner.

You may also harm your brand's image, whether it's a personal brand, a business, or a product/service, which is definitely not something you want to do if you care about the future of your brand.

If you purchase a page from a brand, influencer, or company, the followers and reach you will get are unrelated to your brand; they are not your fans.

That is, they will not view you with a keen eye.

So you're paying for an audience that doesn't want to hear from you.

It's the same as buying an email list and sending emails without permission; this is known as spam.

We don't suggest buying or selling a Facebook page since it's not worth it.

Although we do not advocate it, there have been some success stories in the business of corporations purchasing large fan sites and seeing results.

Success tale illustration:

Buzzfeed bought several large fan pages in 2017 without any legal action from Facebook, and they experienced positive results.


It is not advised to purchase pages, groups, or accounts since you will end up with an irrelevant audience that does not want to hear from you and has poor reach and interaction.

In the worst-case situation, your Facebook account will be banned.

There are no shortcuts; you must work hard to develop a devoted following, which you can begin right now by creating a Flipmsg profile.

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