How To Find Friend’s Number On Facebook

How Can I Find Friends Phone Number On Facebook

Because Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking site, your chances of finding the person you’re searching for are pretty good.

Facebook allows users to upload a lot of personal information to their profiles, and the site’s primary goal is to bring people closer together via information sharing. You may use this to locate someone on Facebook, whether it’s an old friend, an old colleague, neighbors, relatives, or anybody else.

On the internet, Facebook isn’t the only method to locate someone. People search engines may also be useful, especially if you don’t know the person’s name, don’t have any mutual friends, they’ve banned you, or you and/or they don’t use Facebook.

Search Facebook for the person’s name.

One way to locate individuals on Facebook by name is to use the primary search bar at the top of the page. You may narrow down the results by typing the person’s name and then filtering the results.

When utilizing Facebook’s people search function, keep the following in mind:

To avoid seeing company pages, events, and other material while looking for individuals on Facebook, choose People at the top of the page.

To make the results more relevant, use the filters on the left. For example, use their name and the Education filter (select your school) on Facebook to locate former classmates, or use the Work filter to find colleagues with the same name.

You don’t need to be friends with the individual to find them on Facebook. To discover profiles with that information, choose Choose a City, Choose a School, and/or Choose a Company.

Look them up on Facebook by the school they attended.

Don’t know who this person is? Even if you don’t know their name, you can still conduct a Facebook search for them. Knowing where they went to school or where they are now, for example, makes it much simpler to locate them online.

Search for the school on Facebook, then choose Individuals to narrow down the results to people who have that school listed on their page. Because many users include the school(s) they presently or previously attended in their profile, locating someone on Facebook becomes much simpler.

Ride the coattails of your friends’ friends

If you think that the individual has anything to do with one of your current Facebook friends, one of the best methods to locate them is to use one of your Facebook friends to find them.

If you and/or another buddy used to work together, or if you all went to the same school or lived in the same area, a common friend search is your best chance for locating them.

There are a few options for doing so:

To view all of a friend’s pals, go to their profile and choose the Friends option. You may browse and search the whole list, or read about their newly added friends and friends from specific categories like their job, hometown, or high school.

Browse the Individuals You May Know tab, which is a list of people you may know based on your Facebook friends, to find a friend’s friend.

Use the Friends of Friends filter instead of Step 1 above.

People in Public Groups Can Be Found

Facebook groups are another method to discover people online. You may search for organizations that the individual could be a member of if you know what they’re interested in.To do so,

  1. use the search box at the top of Facebook to look for a group, then choose Groups from the menu.
  2. To locate the search bar, go to the Members section of the group’s website.
  3. If you wish to view the members of a group, be sure you choose Public Groups (closed groups require you to be a member to see the other people that have joined).


Make a phone number search on Facebook.

Looking for the owner of a phone number that contacted you? You can also do a reverse number search on Facebook; just enter the number into the search box to see what comes up.

Although you’re unlikely to discover public postings including the person’s phone number, you may be able to find an old post made by one of your Facebook friends. This is a simple method for locating an old friend’s phone number.

Search for related information on Facebook.

Another option is to utilize Facebook to search for someone’s existence on the internet. You’d do this if you already know their Facebook information but want to check whether they have any other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Pinterest, or online dating sites.

At the very end of every Facebook profile’s URL is a unique username. Look up that username on Google or another search engine to see if any additional accounts come up.

A reverse image search on a picture from the person’s profile is another option. It may be their profile photo or another image from their account. You may be able to find their other internet profiles if they’ve uploaded the same identical picture elsewhere. This is when Google and TinEye come in handy.

Can you search Facebook by phone number to locate your friends?

 This is a question that many Facebook users have. The answer is that it isn’t feasible any more. Users could easily locate their relatives and friends using the Facebook phone number search till April of 2018. So, what occurred exactly? We go through this in more detail below, as well as another method to look for a phone number.

What went wrong?

The Cambridge Analytica Scandal in March 2018 prompted the removal of the Facebook phone number search function. If you’re unfamiliar with the situation, Cambridge Analytica unlawfully obtained and exploited the data of 87 million Facebook users. A personality questionnaire app was used to gather the data.

Facebook had to modify most of its user privacy rules as a result of this MAJOR data breach, and it continues to do so in 2019. The elimination of the Facebook search by phone number function was one of the changes made. Despite the fact that this search feature made it simpler for consumers to locate friends, relatives, and foreign contacts, the business had a legitimate cause for eliminating it. According to their blog post, “malicious actors have also exploited these capabilities to harvest public profile information by entering phone numbers or email addresses they already have through search and account recovery.”

Is it, however, still feasible to do a phone number search in order to locate someone you know?

There’s a Better Way To Find Someone!

Online phone lookup services, such as Kiwi Searches, may be used to check up a phone number and discover whether the individual is on Facebook. It takes just a few minutes and needs minimal effort on your side.

The following are the basic methods for searching by phone number using Kiwi Searches:

Step 1: In the search box, type the phone number (also at the top of this blog).

Step 2: Hold your breath as the site does a phone lookup.

Step 3:  Check the results of your phone search to check whether the individual is on Facebook (the first search costs $0.95).

It’s that easy to look for a phone number using Kiwi Searches! Hopefully, you’ll locate the person you’re searching for on social media!

You must validate your phone number before you can create a Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or other account. However, you’ll need additional phone numbers if you want to establish more Facebook WhatsApp accounts.

However, obtaining a free phone number is not simple. So, in this post, I’ll show you how to obtain free phone numbers from nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

How Can I Get A Free Phone Number To Verify My Facebook/WhatsApp Account?

I have a list of Android applications that provide free phone numbers. As a result, you may utilize them to verify. The following is a list of apps:

  1. Talk2 App for Mobile

Talk2 is a free Android app that lets you get a free Philippine phone number. As a result, you may phone and SMS your friends and family from anywhere, and you can also accept calls and SMS. Simply download and install the Talk2 app, register, and get a free Philippine phone number.

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  1. TalkU is a free calling and texting app.

TalkU provides its app users with a free US phone line. You may make international calls and SMS without paying anything, as well as unlimited free calling and messaging amongst TalkU members. You may use this app to receive calls and SMS for verification.

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  1. Talkatone Texts & Calls is a third-party app that allows you to send and receive text messages and phone calls.

Another free text and SMS Android app is Talkatone. They also offer a free phone line in the United States. you. Send and receive free texts and calls to any phone number in the United States or Canada, even landlines. Talkatone may be your sole phone if you don’t have a mobile phone plan. By completing simple and straightforward free offers, you may earn free unlimited international calling.

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Voopee is number four.

The Voopee Android app may be used to get Malaysian phone numbers. Additionally, Voopee allows you to call and text Voopee phone numbers. Voopee appears to you and everyone you call to be a standard mobile phone service.

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  1. A Phone Number That Isn’t Public

Hushed offers high-quality voice, text, and image chatting, as well as sophisticated features and quick customer service. Simply download the Hushed app and you’ll be given a starting phone number to text and communicate with.


So, These given ways and ideas above will help you to get your friends number on facebook.

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