How To Find Someone Visiting Your Facebook Page

How Do You Find Out Who Has Visited Your Facebook Page

In this post, we'll look at the best ways to find out who has visited your Facebook page.

There are many reasons why individuals may be interested in learning the answer to this question.

For example, in order to target Page fans with marketing efforts, digital marketers should collect email addresses and phone numbers from individuals who interacted with their Facebook Business Page.

Individuals, on the other hand, are often interested about who is looking at their Facebook page. That is to be expected.

We'll concentrate on the former to assist Facebook Business Page administrators with their digital marketing efforts.

However, the techniques and strategies used to collect contact information from visitors to your Facebook Page may also be useful to someone who wants to discover whether they're being stalked – though we hope this isn't the case.

Here are the three greatest ways to check who has visited your Facebook Business Page.

Tool for Generating Leads on Facebook (#1)

Adding a Facebook Lead Generator to your Facebook Page and Posts is by far the simplest method to learn who sees your page.

MobileMonkey's Free Facebook Lead Generator is a free application that converts your Facebook Page followers into leads.

These are individuals who like and follow your company's Facebook page.

And you instantly collect their names, emails, and phone numbers!

The free Facebook Lead Generator works as follows:

Fans and potential customers may contact you on Facebook and leave comments on your posts.

MobileMonkey uses Messenger auto-replies to gather email addresses and phone numbers.

Then, every day, MobileMonkey gives you an email report with all of your new leads.

You can re-engage your leads at any moment using MobileMonkey.

As a result, don't allow hot Facebook leads slip through the gaps. Also, discover out who is visiting your Facebook Page!

Use the Free Facebook Lead Generator to add a free, automated response service to your Facebook Page and Posts to collect vital contact information so you can follow up with prospects quickly.

Look at you, a real Facebook samurai wielding the mystical monkey's power.

#2. Create Facebook Messenger Ads that are targeted to page fans.

Running Facebook Messenger advertising is another excellent way to know who has visited your Facebook Page.

In2020, Facebook Messenger advertisements offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that smart digital marketers are seizing.

This is due to the fact that Facebook Messenger advertising are not the same as normal Facebook ads. Above all, Messenger advertising outperform regular Facebook ads because they initiate a more interesting discussion with a bot.

You should run “send-to-Messenger” advertisements to collect the contact information of your Facebook Page visitors.

In this instance, a send-to-Messenger ad might be as simple as asking your page followers, “Hey, can we connect on Messenger?”

Here's how to go about it.

Use the audience filters on Facebook to target your page followers with a send-to-Messenger ad. This is a list of individuals who have liked and commented on your Facebook Business Page.

After your advertisements are shown to Page visitors, all they have to do is interact with your brand in Messenger and they'll be added to your contact list. That means you'll be able to collect their contact information and send them follow-up messages.

To automate your interaction with a new lead, use MobileMonkey's Facebook Messenger funnel builder. Because you don't have to manually qualify and gather lead data, this technique can endlessly grow your lead generation operations.

Here's how you set up a Facebook Messenger ad with automatic lead collection using MobileMonkey's Click-to-Messenger Ads service.

With a visual chatbot builder that links directly to your Facebook ad, you can ask qualifying questions and establish lasting relationships with new prospects.

With this appealing new ad style, MobileMonkey clients are reducing their cost per lead in half or more. In this Facebook Messenger ad case study, you can see what I mean.

Learn about MobileMonkey's NEW Messaging Automation Tools, which may help you 10X your Instagram engagement.

#3. Make use of autoresponders for Facebook posts.

A Facebook Post Autoresponder is the last tool you may use to address the question, “Can you see who visits your Facebook Page?” This is also referred to as a Comment Guard.

Naturally, the majority of individuals who comment on your Facebook postings are Page fans.

A Facebook post autoresponder automatically sends a message in Messenger to everyone who comments on any of your Facebook posts.

Facebook autoresponders are a fantastic way to give your organic posts a boost. With MobileMonkey Facebook Comment Guards, marketers have had nothing but success.

Autoresponders are simple to set up and will run on all of your Facebook posts automatically.

So, to attract as many Page visitors to comment on your article and to gain a lot of attention, do the following:

On your post, include a click-bait question such, “Name your 10 favorite movies, go!” It's in our nature for people to answer questions about themselves, and it always works.

In the comments, have others guess the answer.

Send a private message through Messenger using your MobileMonkey chatbot.

Then, when one of your posts has a lot of interaction, promote it on Facebook to guarantee that it gets a lot of views.

The more people who react, the higher the post's exposure in your news stream will be. The greatest thing is that every time someone responds to your private chat, you immediately collect lead user data. Those connections have also indicated that they want to receive promotional messages from your Messenger chatbot.

You can see who has visited my Facebook page now, but you can't see who hasn't.

Did you notice the “Who saw my profile” button that came out of nowhere on the Facebook app for iOS? Following the Cambridge Analytica incident, Facebook granted the much-desired functionality to its data-averse users.

It didn't last long, however. The “who saw my profile” button appeared and vanished as soon as it appeared.

Nobody, save maybe Zuck, understands Facebook's bumbling ways.

The Myth of the Source Code


Before we go any further, let me explain a widely circulated internet technique for determining who has seen my Facebook profile.

If you follow these procedures, according to many websites and people, you will be able to find out “who visited my Facebook page?” or “who saw my profile?”

“View Page Source” by right-clicking on your timeline.

To find “BUDDY ID” in the source code, use Ctrl-F.

The name of a person will then be shown somewhere around the 15-digit BUDDY ID number. If no name appears, copy and paste the 15-digit number into your menu bar as follows: (replace the 15 digit BUDDY ID digits in the URL with the ones shown in this example).

The concept is that you're looking at a list of the individuals who most often visit your profile from left to right or top-down.

However, there is no evidence to back up these assertions, and a simple dummy test may easily disprove them.

These BUDDY ID numbers are most likely the individuals with whom you've lately interacted through Messages or Messenger. In any event, don't place too much stock in this while attempting to find out who visits your Facebook page.

Is It Possible to See Who Visits Your Facebook Page?

You'll receive the greatest response to the often asked question, “Can you see who visits your Facebook Page?” if you use a mix of the three lead collection technologies mentioned above. Alternatively, “who has looked at my profile?”

Lead magnets are marketing tools that help you collect contact information and interact with potential clients.

With these extra tools, you can take use of MobileMonkey's lead generation capabilities and drive visitors to your funnels:

Tools for generating leads

How to acquire more Facebook leads

You may start using growth hacking techniques right now.

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Are You Able to See Who Visits Your Facebook Page? Here Are Some Important Next Steps

With MobileMonkey, you can create a free Facebook Messenger bot right now.

With other chatbot lovers, you may discuss and learn about chatbots. Join MobileMonkey Island, a Facebook community of over 35k marketers and business owners that are eager to help you.

Chatbot University, a free chatbot instructional and training area for chat marketers, will help you improve your marketing effectiveness.

Final Words

In this way you can find out who has visited your facebook page. Hope you got everything you wanted. You can share with your feiends, it will surely help you.

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