How To Fix Unsupported Phone Number On Twitter


How To Fix Unsupported Phone Number On Twitter

Twitter cannot give you a verification code through SMS because your cell or landline provider does not allow it.

When this occurs, you must contact Twitter and explain what occurred.

You must give time for Twitter to reply to your problem.

Why is Twitter claiming that my phone number is invalid?

This only occurs when you enter the incorrect phone number.

Examine the number to determine whether you made a mistake.

The issue is that Twitter is unable to give you a verification code.

In this scenario, you may just join up for Twitter using your email address.

Is it possible to sign up for Twitter without a phone number?

Using your computer, you may set up a Twitter account.

When prompted to authenticate your identity using a phone number, you may choose Skip.

To join up for Twitter, you may just provide your email address instead of a phone number.

You will get an email requesting that you establish a password.

You will have access to Twitter after you have created a password.

To acquire access to a slew of other exciting features, you’ll want to update Twitter with a phone number as soon as feasible.

You do not, however, require a phone number to join up for Twitter.

How Do I Inform Twitter That My Phone Number Has Changed?

When you alter or add your phone number, you must do it in the settings.

Simply go to the settings page, pick account, and then account details.

Following that, you will see the phone area, where you may enter your phone number.

Then an SMS verification occurs, and you will get a text message from Twitter.

A phone number can only be associated with one Twitter account.

Adding a phone number will, in effect, modify the phone number linked with the account.

However, you may have many Twitter accounts linked to a single phone number.

How Do You Unlock Your Twitter Account After It Has Been Locked?

To begin, you must understand the many reasons why your account may have been locked in the first place so that you do not make the same errors again.

When your account is locked, you will be notified by email.

When you attempt to log back in, you will also get a notice.

Here are the most common reasons why a person’s account may be locked out, including being restricted or even suspended.

Suspicious Conduct

In this scenario, Twitter has software that detects unusual activity, such as several failed login attempts to your account.

This raises security problems while also preventing unwanted account access.

Several Third-Party Apps

When you link Twitter to a large number of applications that assist you manage Twitter, you create a security risk.

Twitter will just freeze your account until you confirm that you still have control of it.

Greater than Average Activity

This is when Twitter notices that you have altered your behavior on their site.

Locking your account merely means that they are checking to see whether you are still in control of your account.

The best thing to do is to stick on the platform. This also applies when you are preparing to get more active.


When Twitter detects that your account is retweeting and like at an alarming pace, it will automatically set constraints on your account.

Be sure to check Twitter’s terms of service to find out how many times each day you may tweet.

Don’t get too worked up about the account limitations; they’re only a momentary smack on the wrist.

Simply take your time like every tweet you see.

Twitter Rules Violations

A few regulations will result in your account being locked and suspended.

If Twitter suspects your account is a phony or bot account. Then it will be prohibited.

Additionally, if your account is involved with impersonation or harassment, it will be banned.

You may appeal the suspension, but if the violation is severe, you may have to create a new account.

The easiest approach to unlock your phone is to follow the instructions in the email you received when your account was locked.

Wrap Up

When you attempt to log into your restricted account, you should get a message with instructions.

Changing your password is the most popular approach to unlock a closed Twitter account.

Another possibility is that you may be asked to validate your email address.

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