How To Remove Gmail Profile Picture

It’s hardly rocket science to delete your Google account’s profile image. But, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that doing so is very difficult.

So don’t worry, today I’ll show you how to quickly delete your profile picture from your Google account using either your app or your desktop browser. Because deleting a photo from Google isn’t nearly as tough as many people believe.

You may choose to alter or conceal your Google account picture at any time. Since this picture is synchronized across all Google products and will appear everywhere, there may be a variety of causes.

You must delete your picture from your Google account in order to remove it from your Gmail account or YouTube channel.

1. Remove your Google account’s profile photo from the About Me page.

Here are a few easy methods for removing the picture from your Google account.

Step 1: Go to your Google Account and sign in.

The first thing you must do is login into your Google account since changing your profile image is impossible without it.

You may also log in to your account using this link:, which will take you straight to the About Me page once you check-in.

Alternatively, you may open Google in a new browser and look for the Gmail account symbol in the upper right corner. You may sign in to your desired account by clicking on the same. (If you have several accounts and are already signed in, you may pick.)

This website will seem the same whether you’re using a desktop browser or an iOS or Android browser.

Step 2: Select PROFILE PICTURE from the drop-down menu.

Following that, you’ll be given the choice to “Change” or “Remove” your account picture.

By browsing the computer or Google Photos, you may now alter the picture to anything you wish. You may also remove it if you wish.

Another way to get information about me is to use an interface.

1. You may manually browse if you can’t locate the about me page using the above link.

2. Click the account icon after you’ve signed in.

3. The next step is to select “Manage your account,” which will bring you a menu of choices.

4. Then, from the left menu, choose Personal Info, scroll to the bottom, and select “Go to About Me.”

5. You’ll find a Profile Image option there, which will enable you to quickly alter or delete your profile picture.

6. Select Change / Remove from the drop-down menu.

7. Simply open the Profile Picture option by clicking on it, and you will see two choices.

8. If you wish to alter the display picture, click Change.

You must click on the Remove Option, and the profile picture will be readily removed from your Google account a short time after you have done so.

2. Remove your YouTube account photo

When you update or delete your profile image, you may see a small thumbnail of your picture show anytime you use YouTube, Gmail, or any other account connected to your Google account.

So, another method to get rid of your Google profile image is to use this Youtube trick. It may seem odd at first, but believe me when I say it will work.

step 1: Go to

Go to your YouTube account and make sure you’re signed in while you’re there; if you’re not, just use your Gmail Id to log in.

Step 2: Select a Channel

You may see your profile/profile picture in the top right corner, and you must click on it. Then choose “Your Channel” from the drop-down menu.

Your YouTube channel will be visible. You must first click on the channel icon, which will redirect you to another website.

Step 3: Change the Channel Icon

Under the Branding tab, when you select Channel Icon, you’ll notice an opportunity to change your channel icon. You’ll also have the option of changing or removing your profile picture.

Step 4: Select an option.

Select the appropriate option, and you’ll be able to quickly modify or delete your profile image.

3. Use Gmail to change your photo

This technique is extremely easy and apparent, and I’m sure most of you have tried it since it’s the first and greatest way that everyone tries and thinks of when they want to update your profile image.

So, let’s look at how to use the Gmail technique to alter your profile picture-

step 1: Open your Gmail account first.

The first step is to open your Gmail account and log in if you haven’t already done so. It is critical that you remain logged in during the whole process.

Step 2: Select the image.

The second best method is to click the picture and you will immediately get an opportunity to modify it; formerly, we had a delete photo option, but this is no longer available.

This is one of the simplest methods for modifying display pictures.

Using an Android App to Change Photos

The Android app allows you to access your account, but it does not allow you to remove your Google profile image. You can only edit or set the picture.

1. Open the settings app on your Android phone.

2. Go to Accounts and choose “Google.” If you have several accounts connected, you may choose which one you want to use.

3. After you’ve chosen an account, hit “Google Account.” It will then display your account.

4. Now touch your picture to see whether you want to “Take Photo” or pick it from the “Gallery.”

Note: It’s possible that removing the profile image will also delete the profile picture. However, it is possible that changing your profile image will take longer than 24 hours.

So don’t be concerned if your profile image isn’t altered right away; just wait for the following 24 hours to see whether it’s been deleted or not.


You may delete your Google profile image in a variety of ways. The irony is that individuals find the simplest methods to accomplish their goals to be very difficult, and they often get perplexed by them.

The methods outlined above will show you how to alter or delete your Google profile picture. You may even choose the method that best suits your needs and allows you to delete your profile image.

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