How To Search Someone On Twitter With Phone Number

How To Search Someone on Twitter by Phone Number

Are you new to Twitter and having trouble locating your Twitter friends? Don’t worry, finding someone on Twitter is simple. You can locate your contacts in a matter of seconds if you follow the methods outlined below. How? Then let’s go on!

It’s natural if you want to connect with people, you already know but aren’t following on Twitter. You can easily discover people to follow on Twitter by synchronizing your phone contacts.

How does it function?

When you first set up your Twitter account, you should provide a legitimate phone number as well as an email address. Most people believe that Twitter requests this information in order to protect our accounts, however this is not the case. You may sync your contacts to quickly locate pals on Twitter by connecting their credentials to your Twitter account. At the same time, if you want, you may make your Twitter account searchable.

When you sync your contacts, Twitter recommends all of the accounts associated with the phone numbers and email addresses you’ve entered.

How to Locate Someone on Twitter Using Their Phone Number

To locate someone on Twitter by phone number, just follow these four steps:

Step1: Launch the Twitter mobile app. Then, in the upper left, touch the settings button.

It makes no difference whether your smartphone is Android or iOS. The procedure remains the same.

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Settings and privacy” area.

Then, on the opening menu, choose “Privacy and security.

Step#3: Next, scroll down to “Discoverability and contacts” and touch.

Following that, you will be sent to a page with many toggles.

Step 4: Select the “Sync address book and contacts” option.

Step 5: Finally, hit “Sync contacts” and then OK. That’s all!

To locate someone on Twitter, they must have added their phone number to their Twitter accounts and allow others to find them by selecting the toggle “Discoverability and contact area” on the Twitter app.

Final Thoughts

Following the methods, we’ve shown makes it simple to locate someone on Twitter via phone. If you want to boost your Twitter followers, you should utilize sophisticated Twitter search techniques such as Circle boom’s Smart Search. Smart Look allows you to search for trends on Twitter accounts by examining Twitter biographies, tweets, hashtags, and location. With such a fantastic tool, you can quickly discover prospective followers and peers at any time, for free.

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