How To Set Up An Auto Reply For Comments On Facebook

How Can I Auto Comment Facebook Page Posts With Facebook Bot

In this article, we’ll explain what automatic responses for Facebook comments are, look at some of the providers that provide this functionality, and then show you how to handle comments on Facebook the simplest manner possible.

What Are Facebook Comments Automated Replies?

We realize that monitoring Facebook comments isn’t simple, particularly when there’s a lot of spam to deal with. However, since Facebook comments may be an useful source of consumer feedback or even prospective sales leads, it’s critical to notice and respond to the majority of them.

Now comes the issue of how to respond to hundreds of comments on your Facebook and ad postings, particularly when speed and response are critical.

This is when automation enters the picture. You may auto-respond to comments privately on Facebook and transfer the discussion to Messenger.


Comments that are automatically responded to get a private reply and are labeled “Page Responded Privately.”

When and why should you use Facebook’s auto-reply feature?

You can easily set up some criteria for general questions, repeated keywords, or customer complaints using Auto-Reply for Facebook comments.

For some of the situations listed below, we suggest using Auto-reply.

Questions of a general nature: If you use Facebook to advertise your goods or services, you’re going to receive a lot of inquiries about pricing, availability, and discounts. Setting up a well-thought-out auto-reply for such remarks may assist your prospective consumers make their final choices faster.

Personalized Customer Service: Because certain customers may be experiencing unique problems, it’s preferable to offer private and direct comments in order to prevent misleading other users.

Converting Potential Customers: If you see a potential customer, you may personally give the consumer a discount or a promo code that you don’t wish to share with other users.

Managing Negative Comments: To prevent a possible backlash from other users, it’s better to address a dissatisfied customer’s problem discreetly and one-on-one.

The Advantages Of Automated Facebook Replies

We’ve previously discussed how Auto-Replies may save you a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent responding to common user inquiries. Here are some additional ways they may relieve you of certain responsibilities and save you time and money.

Delivering Proactive Customer Service: Because personally responding to each user question in your comment area is impractical, you may set up auto-replies to ensure that no customer query gets ignored. Taking the discussion to Messenger will also offer you some much-needed time to go further into the specifics of a case.

While receiving a large number of comments on your Facebook posts and ad postings is certainly a positive thing, sorting and managing all of those comments may be a hassle. Setting up several sorts of auto-replies for various forms of comments will allow you to regain control of your brand’s Facebook interaction.

How Do You Set Up Auto Replies For Facebook Comments?

Unfortunately, auto-replies for comments on Facebook posts and ad postings are not available natively on Facebook. To set it up, you’ll need to utilize a third-party provider. Here are a few services that provide this functionality.

With ManyChat, how do you set up an auto-reply for Facebook comments?

Here’s how to use ManyChat to set up an auto-reply for Facebook comments.

  1. Connect your Facebook account once you’ve joined up for ManyChat.
  2. Now, from the left sidebar, go to “Growth Tool” and choose “+New Growth Tool.”
  3. Now choose “Facebook Comments” as your new rule’s triggers and actions.

Note: You’ll need to subscribe to a pro subscription with ManyChat to put up numerous rules.

How Do I Use Chatfuel To Set Up Auto Replies For Facebook Comments?

Here’s how to use Chatfuel to set up an auto-reply for Facebook comments.

  1. Connect your Facebook account once you’ve joined up for Chatfuel.
  2. Now, from the left sidebar, choose the “Grow” option and then “+Add Rule” under the “Acquire Users from Comments” area.
  3. You can now specify the triggers and actions for your new rule and save it by clicking Done.

Here’s how to use BotHelp to set up an auto-reply for Facebook comments.

  1. Connect your Facebook account once you’ve joined up for BotHelp.
  2. From the left sidebar, choose the “Bots” tab and then “Create A Bot.”
  3. Select “Comment-to-messenger-bot” as the bot type and specify the triggers and actions for your bot.
  4. Once you’ve finished configuring the bot, click “Go live.”

You can simply hide, remove, and respond to Facebook comments using Statusbrew’s Comment Management Solutions, and offer specialized customer support across social from a single inbox.

You may also create automated private responses to user comments, posts, or private messages based on specified triggers like keywords or phrases.


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