How To Transfer Data From Gmail To Excel

Have you ever found yourself needing to pull emails into Excel for analysis? Perhaps you need to export Gmail email addresses to an Excel spreadsheet or preserve crucial emails for offline viewing. You may need to examine the sentiment of your Gmail emails or their text messages. Perhaps you need to convert Gmail emails to Excel CSV format in order to provide email proof in court. We’ll teach you how to export emails from Gmail to Microsoft Excel in this post. ” You must export Gmail emails to CSV format in order to save individual emails from Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps) into Excel. To directly backup Gmail emails to Excel format, download this program.

Is there a component of your company that relies on data from emails? And you wish to transfer this data from an email to an Excel spreadsheet? If that’s the case, how can you get data from Gmail emails into a format that’s simple to work with, such as Excel, PDF, or Word? Do you find yourself having to do a lot of copying and pasting? If so, proceed with the manual method and utilize Turns Backup Gmail Emails Tool to convert emails to Excel format automatically. This program allows you to download Gmail emails in CSV format for usage in Microsoft Excel. It may also export Gmail email addresses to Excel or CSV files. You can simply upload emails to Google Sheets after exporting emails from Gmail to Excel format. But, before you get started, you’ll need to figure out precisely what the consumer wants.

How to Export Data from Gmail to Excel or CSV, for example.

“I’ve been utilizing a Gmail account for my company for the last ten years. My free Gmail account has almost reached its limit. I could free up space by either deleting emails (email uses far more space than files) or transferring emails to other Google accounts. However, we value all of the emails. Now, according to my technical advice, I should convert my emails to Excel format. However, I am unsure how to transfer data from Gmail to Excel. Please help me if you know how to export emails from Google Mail to an Excel sheet.”

“Hello, I’ve been using a Google Mail account since 2009.” I now have a lot of important emails on my Google Mail account. I’d want to know how to export emails from Google Mail to Excel. E-mails from Google Mail can be exported to Excel, Google Mail can be linked to Excel, Google Mail data can be extracted from Excel, and how can I export Google Mail e-mails to Excel?“

If you’ve ever had any of these questions, you’ve probably attempted to figure out how to export email in Excel format. Follow these procedures to export email from G Suite to Excel format to fix this issue.

Export Gmail to Excel using the Gmail to Excel Wizard

If you wish to export emails from your Gmail and G Suite (Google Apps) accounts to an Excel sheet, follow these steps. In order to extract Gmail emails into Excel and build offline databases. However, there is no direct method to export email from Google in Excel format. The procedure of exporting emails from Gmail to CSV Excel format is described in the video below.

The Email Save Tool is the finest choice for downloading Gmail emails since it allows you to backup your complete Gmail account emails to an Excel workbook format. To utilize this automated solution, just click the green button below to download the program.

What is the best way to export emails from Gmail to Excel?

Download the most effective method for exporting emails from a Gmail account to an Excel spreadsheet. To extract Gmail emails to an Excel sheet, just follow the instructions. However, before you begin, you must establish a different app password in order to access your Gmail emails in Gmail Export Wizard.

How can I create a password for a specific application in my Google Gmail account?

You won’t have to use your primary password, which gets more difficult when 2-factor authentication is enabled. It also allows you to remove the password after the data has been exported without impacting anything else. To create a Gmail App Password, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account and choose My Account and Google Account from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: On the left side of the screen, choose the Security option.

Step 3: In the security area, locate the “Signing in to Google” section and choose the App Password option there.

Step 4: Use the Main Password to get into your account once again. The website for the Google App Password Generator is now available.

Step 5: Now type the name of the app and choose the device location.

Step 6: A password for your app will be created; copy it.

Emails from Gmail to CSV Excel Format

To transfer Gmail messages to an Excel sheet, follow the procedures listed below.

Step 1: On the Windows computer, download the Email to Excel Export application.

Step 2: Open Gmail and pick it from the email source list.

Step 3: Fill up your Gmail credentials, such as your email address and the App Password.

Step 4: In the Saving list, choose the required email folder and the CSV format.

Step 5: Choose a place to store the Google Gmail Email CSV file to the user’s liking.

Step 6: To download Gmail to Excel format, choose the convert option.

Step 7: When the procedure is finished, the tool displays a success message.

Gmail Export Emails to Excel Wizard’s Standout Features

Some of the characteristics that distinguish it from other applications.

Simple Graphical User Interface: – The program has a straightforward and consistent graphical user interface, making it a simple and intuitive platform to use.

Support for Gmail Batch Downloads: – The program allows you to export numerous emails from Google Mail straight to an Excel sheet.

Email Elements are Preserved During Backup: During backup, the program will keep all email elements and components, including email addresses, in the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: – This program is compatible with all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 10 – 7, Windows Server 2019 – 2008, and so on.

Save Converted Files to User-Specified Place: – This program allows users to save converted files to a user-specified location.

Customer Service: – Please contact our support staff through live chat or email if you have any questions about the procedure.

How do I transfer Gmail email addresses to Excel?

To export Email Addresses from a Gmail account to an Excel Sheet, follow the instructions below: –

Step 1: Download and install the aforementioned program on Windows.

Step 2: Up the Email Source field, choose Gmail, and fill in all of your Gmail account information.

Step 3: Choose an email folder and select CSV as the saving format.

Step 4: Select a backup location and select the Backup option.

Step 5. In Microsoft Excel, open the CSV file and look for the columns TO, CC, BCC, etc. of the email addresses.


You will learn how to download emails from Gmail to Excel format in the preceding post. Using the Gmail to CSV Converter tool, you can easily convert Gmail emails to CSV format. This program uses a stand-alone platform to function. Exporting emails from a Gmail account does not need the use of any third-party software or plugins. Download the software’s trial version to evaluate its functionality before buying it.

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