How To Turn Off Facebook Text Notifications

What Is The Significance Of The Number 32665 To Facebook

If you came across this article, you may have been receiving a lot of spam text messages from 32665. Facebook uses this number to communicate with its users. It often uses it to notify users of profile alerts or when they request the FB confirmation code for changing their Facebook login.

Recently, several people have reported being bombarded by text messages from 32665 about FB alerts. Another major problem was that if a person responded to a specific text, it would be broadcast on Facebook as a post or a reply to whatever notice that response was. Facebook subsequently said that the flood of notifications to its users was triggered by a glitch.

What Does 32665’s Text Really Mean?

Facebook sends text messages from the number 32665 to its users informing them of account alerts. People may also change their status by texting it to this number. Also, if they react to a notice, the response is posted as a reply, and the status is immediately updated.

If the SMS was about someone’s birthday, the answer appears on the timeline of the person whose birthday it is. If it’s a response to a remark, the text answer is added as a response to the comment in the notice.

How Can You Block Text Messages From 32665?

You may easily stop such text messages by texting the word ‘STOP’ to this number 32665, and you will get a message from Facebook confirming that the SMS notifications have been properly stopped. If you’re still receiving Facebook alerts, you should try deactivating them from the FB website or mobile app.

How Do You Turn Off Facebook Text Notifications?

On the Facebook website, you may also turn off SMS alerts. Turning off SMS notifications should remove any messages linked to the FB alerts you’re still receiving from the number 32665. Here’s how to immediately disable Facebook’s SMS notification:

  1. To begin, go to your Facebook account settings > Notifications > scroll down to the bottom.
  2. After that, just set the SMS frequency to Only regarding the account and deactivate all of the other SMS notification choices, such as reminders, tags, and comments, and so on.

How Do You Turn Off Facebook Text Notifications On Mobile?

The methods for turning off Facebook text alerts on the mobile app are quite similar to the ones for doing so on the desktop site. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. First, open your Facebook app > choose Account Settings from the hamburger menu choices.
  2. Then, on the settings page, look for the Notification settings in the choices list.
  3. Next, go to Text Messaging > Edit Notifications.
  4. Now, on the following page, choose Not Now and uncheck all of the choices under Get notifications about.

There’s also a somewhat different method to disable FB text message alerts, and it’s as follows:

  1. Similarly to the last approach, go to Account Settings > Notifications.
  2. Then, scroll down to the bottom, choose SMS, and set the SMS frequency to Only concerning the account.
  3. Also, uncheck all of the choices below to ensure that you do not get any text messages for any reason.


These are all the importance of the number32665 to facebook. Hope you understood.

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