Know What Green Dot On Facebook Profile Mean

Why Is There A Green Dot In Certain Profile Pictures On Facebook Comments But Not In All

We all know that the green dot on your friends’ profiles indicates that they are online, but have you ever pondered if it refers to Facebook itself or the Facebook Messenger? Let us investigate.

With over five billion downloads, Facebook is one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store. This demonstrates the breadth of its user base. With such a large user base, Facebook’s Messenger program is an excellent method to communicate with others. But how do you know whether the person you wish to talk to is available? So, keep reading to find out!

What exactly is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the social media giant’s entry into the instant messaging space. Messenger, which was initially part of the Facebook app, became its own entity in 2011. The software allows you to communicate with people you’ve added to your Facebook Friends list. The program also allows you to search for individuals who are not in your Friends list; however, these messages are shown in a different window and the user is not informed.

Facebook Messenger now supports voice and video calling inside its app. Facebook Messenger just introduced a new ‘Rooms’ feature in an attempt to compete with Zoom and Google Meet. Users may now have group video chats with up to 50 individuals using the new feature.

The Meaning of the Facebook Green Dot

Here’s what the green dot signifies depending on whatever screen you’re on in the Facebook app, on the web, or in the Facebook Messenger app.

What exactly is the green dot?

Facebook added a feature that allows you to see whether someone is presently online. The green dot was added to indicate a user’s online status. The green dot shows next to the user’s name on their profile photo. However, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the green dot and what it really signifies. So let’s take a deeper look.

What does the green dot on Facebook Messenger represent?

As previously stated, the green dot shows on the user’s profile photo. This indicates that the user is presently logged in to Facebook. Yes, that seems to be contradictory, since we would expect it to indicate that the person is presently using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook, on the other hand, explains that the green dot simply indicates that the person is online on Facebook. This implies the user may be on Facebook’s app,, or Facebook Messenger.

What does the green dot on the Facebook page mean?

The identical green dot may be seen on Facebook’s website. If you see the green on a person’s profile image on the website, it indicates that person is presently online, just as it does on the Messenger app. The green dot shows on a person’s profile page on the Facebook website. To find out whether someone is online, go to their profile.

What does the green dot next to the video represent?

This green dot appears only when you touch a person’s name in the Messenger app. The presence of a green dot next to the video option shows that the individual is available for a video call.

Because most devices now have cameras, this green dot is nearly invariably associated with a person being online. If you have not granted Facebook access to your camera, the green dot will appear solely on the person’s profile photo.

What does the phrase “Active now” mean?

The Facebook green dot is not entirely accurate. This is mostly due to the fact that the Facebook app (like many other applications) runs in the background until you forcibly stop it. This implies that the green dot may be visible even if the user is not actively using the app.

To address this ambiguity, Facebook introduced a ‘Active now’ button. This feature monitors the user’s activities on the app to notify other users if they are online.

Active now denotes that the user is presently online and engaging with the Facebook app. However, this does not imply that the individual is talking with someone or utilizing the Facebook Messenger program.

How to Find Out Who Is Online on Facebook

Facebook generates a list of all presently active people in your Friends list. This list is readily accessible through the Facebook Messenger app. Simply open the app and hit the ‘People’ button in the bottom right corner.

Please keep in mind that the list includes both ‘Active now’ and green dot users. Users who are currently active are at the top of the list.

How to Change Facebook’s Active Status

You can alter your online status on Facebook so that your friends don’t know when you’re online! However, doing so stops you from seeing which of your pals are online. Please keep in mind that the setting only applies to the device on which it is activated. It, if you want to disable your active status on all of your devices, you must do so separately.

To alter your active status, just follow the steps outlined below.

On iPhone and Android,

To access Settings, launch the Facebook Messenger app and touch your profile image in the upper left corner.

Now, touch on ‘Active Status,’ and toggle the setting off or on as desired.

On the desktop and the web (

Go to the Facebook Messenger website,, and sign in using your Facebook credentials.

In the upper left corner, next to your profile photo, click the Settings cog. Now, choose ‘Settings.’

Toggle the ‘Active Status’ slider off or on to suit your needs.

Final Words

So, now you know what the green dot on Facebook means. If you have any series, please let us know. Hope you have now understood everything.

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