Know Why Cant You Add Comment On Facebook

Why Cant I Add A Comment On Facebook

You may reply to a Facebook post or image with a Facebook remark. You can leave a comment by clicking the Comment button under the article or by typing your message into the white box labeled Write a Comment.

The next step is to write your ideas and publish your message by pressing the enter key on your smartphone. However, for certain people, this may not always occur. Some individuals are unable to like or comment on posts from certain profiles or accounts on Facebook.

You may have been banned or refused permission to remark by the owner of the post or picture if you are unable to comment on Facebook.

It’s possible that the lack of a comment button is due to a Facebook technical issue. If that isn’t the case, the account’s owner may have limited commenting to people who follow the account.

Here’s a closer look at each of these factors and how to overcome them.

How long can you be barred from making Facebook comments?

If Facebook has disabled your ability to comment, it will take between 24 and 48 hours for the function to be reinstated.

The stumbling block is just momentary. However, if Facebook is investigating it, it may last up to a week. You won’t be able to do anything until Facebook returns the comment function.

You won’t be able to remark on Facebook in most instances because:

  1. You made a derogatory remark.
  2. Your remark was reported to Facebook by someone.
  3. One of your remarks was in violation of the Community Standards.
  4. You may have been flagged as a bot by Facebook because you made too many comments too quickly.

Why can’t you comment on Facebook? Here’s how to solve it.

Here are the reasons why you can’t comment on a post or why you can’t see the comment button on all Facebook posts:

  1. You have been blocked on Facebook by a person.

The most frequent reason you can’t leave a remark on a friend’s Facebook page is because they’ve banned you. All Facebook users have complete discretion over who they add as friends and who they ban.

If you’ve been blocked by a user, it means you won’t be able to like or comment on their posts. In this scenario, you will be unable to resolve the problem on your own. You’ll have to wait until the person you’re talking to unblocks you.

  1. There’s a problem with your browser.

Because of an issue with your browser, you may be unable to comment on your own Facebook post. The way you interact with Facebook is influenced by your browser.

Try the following actions to resolve the problem:

Use a different browser to access Facebook.

Clear the data cache in your browser.

Restart your browser and give it another go.

If your Facebook session has expired, log out of your account.

Upgrade to the most recent version of your browser.

You may also deactivate any Facebook-related addons.

  1. You are not authorized to leave a comment on this post.

You can only see but not comment on a post or picture in which a friend has been tagged by someone you don’t know. This is due to the fact that the individual has kept his postings private, allowing only those who follow their account to remark.

The Comment option will not appear in this instance. To leave a comment, you must first follow the account.

  1. You’re adding a remark to a Facebook Live video.

Facebook enables users to apply comment moderation settings whenever they broadcast a live video. It will restrict your ability to comment on the live video as a viewer.

You may be barred from commenting on Facebook live video for a variety of reasons, including:

You made a mistake by sending the comment so quickly.

The remark is much too brief.

You’re not keeping up with the streamer.

A protected mode is being used by the stream.

You are currently unable to leave a comment.

You’re not a fan of the streamer.

You are not authorized to make a comment.

You’re attempting to leave a comment on a post that has since been removed.

You may solve the problem by following these steps:

If you want to post several times, make a remark on the live video once every 10 seconds.

Make sure you have at least 100 characters in your remark.

Before you post a comment, make sure you’ve followed the streamer.

If the streamer is utilizing a protected mode, you need first follow them. After then, you must join the discussion and wait at least 15 minutes before making a remark.

Before you leave a comment, make sure you’ve subscribed to the page.

Your account may be less than two weeks old if you can’t comment on a live video. If that’s the case, get into the discussion as soon as your two weeks are up.

  1. Troubleshooting why you can’t leave a remark on a website you moderate

You cannot comment on posts if you are a moderator on a Facebook page. It’s possible that a setting in Business Manager is to blame.

Pages and Notifications is a feature on Facebook that prohibits you from commenting on your personal profile while you’re posting on a business page.

You may modify the Pages and Notifications settings in the Business Info area as a Business Manager administrator. You may or may not be able to comment on your posts from the company page, depending on the settings you choose.

In such case, you’ll need to go to the Business Manager’s website to leave a remark.

Here’s how to do it:

The business page will not enable you to make posts or receive alerts if the Pages and Notifications option is turned off. You’ll have to do it in Business Manager as a result. Only go to to leave a comment.

You will be able to comment on posts from the company page if the Pages and Notifications option is enabled. In such scenario, leave a remark at and

Get in touch with Facebook customer service.

If none of the following methods work, contact Facebook customer service. The problem may be caused by a system-wide problem that affects certain of Facebook’s functions.

For individual accounts, go to the Facebook Help Center Page, and for business accounts, go to the Facebook Business Help Center.


If a person has banned your account, you won’t be able to comment on their post. You also can’t comment on a photo from an account you don’t follow.

In certain instances, the functionality may be unavailable due to a browser problem. If Facebook is experiencing a system-wide issue, commenting on the site may be affected. For help, please contact the support staff.

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