Know Why Facebook Blocked Your Comments

Why Did Facebook Block My Comments

Facebook’s Community Standards prohibit users from participating in excessive conduct in order to create a less unpleasant social network. While there is no magic number at which your like or commenting limit is reached, the social network may detect annoying behavior patterns. Blocks, which are usually transitory, serve as a gentle reminder that you need to change your ways.

Concerning Blocks

Facebook imposes rules for users to follow while using the social network to avoid irritating and abusive conduct, such as excessive likes, comments, messages, and friend requests. Members may see these rules in Facebook’s Community Standards section (link in Resources). Members who engage in banned conduct may have their accounts temporarily deactivated or restricted from using certain Facebook services. Blocks are usually temporary, lasting anything from a few hours to a few days. Accounts may be permanently terminated in severe instances, such as when users refuse to cease participating in illegal conduct after being warned.

Getting Back in

You must cease posting excessive comments and likes after your Facebook account has been unblocked. When you leave a remark or like anything on Facebook, the person who originally posted the item is usually notified. When a member repeatedly likes or comments on anything, that person may get an overwhelming amount of alerts on-site, through SMS, or via email. This may clog up a member’s inbox and be inconvenient. Excessive like and commenting should be avoided. It’s worth noting that you may like up to 5,000 Facebook business pages before being barred from doing so.

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