How can I Disable A Share Button On Facebook

How Do I Disable The Share Option Of My Posts On Facebook

Finally, your pals got hold of them and persuaded you to join Facebook. However, you do not want this to jeopardize your privacy, and you want your postings to be unshareable in order to be effective in preserving it (as much as feasible). The issue is that you have no clue how to continue since you are unfamiliar with the renowned social network's privacy settings.

If that's the case, don't worry; I'll show you how to get rid of the Share on Facebook button. I promise it's not difficult; all you have to do is go to the privacy settings of a shared publication in your journal and choose one of the choices that says “Do not share.” Obviously, you can only do this with your ‘personal' material; postings published by a Facebook Page (which are always public) cannot be shared in this manner.

If everything is obvious to you at this point, I believe we can go on. Are you prepared to begin? Yep? Excellent! So relax, take as much time as you need to concentrate on reading the next lines, and most importantly, attempt to put the “advice” I'll offer you into practice. If you do, you may be certain that the share button will not vanish from your Facebook postings. I wish you success in everything and a nice reading!

Disable the Facebook Share button.

You must utilize the privacy options that enable you to do this, such as » Just me “or “Friends “, to eliminate the Share on Facebook button. Todas, « by choice In reality, all members of the social network may share the articles (through the » Share » button). So, let's take a look at how to update these settings from both your phone and your computer.

Please keep in mind that, as I said at the start of this article, if you share a public publication in your journal (for example, one published by a page), it will be accessible and shared by everyone even if the privacy settings are changed.


If you want to prevent a Facebook publication from being shared from an Android smartphone, you should know that it is not difficult to accomplish: just log in to your account, find the publication whose privacy you want to alter, and choose the settings to prevent it from being shared. In the next paragraphs, you'll find everything described in full.

To begin,

  1. log into your Facebook account using the official Facebook program, touch the icon () in the top right corner, and then hit your first name to get straight to your profile.
  2. Locate the presently shareable post and press the (…) button in the top right corner of it at this point.
  3. Then, in the menu that appears, tap Edit Privacy, choose your desired privacy choice (for example, Friends, Friends except…, Some friends in particular…, or Just me), and then click the button() in the top left to finish the process

Will you alter the privacy settings of any future material that you create so that it cannot be shared immediately after it is published?

 I can assure you that success is not tough. Touch the text box to continue. What are your thoughts? Change the privacy settings by choosing one that makes the post not shared by everyone (ex. Friends, Friends except…, etc.) and continue publishing by pressing the button() found in the first drop-down menu below your name. Isn't it just the truth?


You want to make a Facebook post unshareable by taking action on it? In this situation, remember that you must do the identical procedures that I outlined in the Android chapter: Log into your Facebook account, find the post that you can't share, and adjust the privacy settings for it.

So, launch the Facebook app, log in to your account (if you haven't already), touch the button() in the bottom right corner, and then click Your Name from the page that appears to go straight to your profile.

Then, in the top right corner of the post that seems to have been shared by other Facebook users, touch the (…) button. Touch the item Edit privacy in the menu that appears, then choose one of the choices that enables you to conceal the share key (for example, Friends, Friends except…, Some friends in particular… o Just me ) and then hit the voice final in the top right.

Do you plan to alter your privacy settings in the future for the posts you'll make?

 It's easy to succeed if you just touch the text box. What are your thoughts? Change your chosen privacy option by choosing one that enables you to make the post unsharable (ex. Friends) and publish it on the screen that appears by pressing the button() found in the first drop-down menu below your name. Is it possible to make it any easier?


You want to know whether it's feasible to make a Facebook post unshareable from a computer, maybe because you don't have access to your phone or tablet? Yes, he certainly can! After login into Facebook and your account, all you have to do now is find the post you want to make unshareable and adjust your privacy settings, and that's it!

Please connect into your Facebook account from your login page (or from your Windows 10 program) and click yours to proceed. To get straight to your profile, put your first name at the top (in the blue bar). Now, find the post you want to make private, click the button () in the first drop-down menu below your name, and choose the privacy level you desire (eg. Friends, Friends except …, Some friends in particular … o Just me ).

Alternatively, you can choose Edit post from the menu by clicking on the(…) sign at the upper right of the post. At the bottom, press the () button (next to the » Save “) Select your desired privacy setting from the selection that appears (eg. Friends ). Remember to click the blue button to save the changes you've just made. Save – If all went according to plan, the post should no longer be shared. Did you notice how simple it was to do it?

Click on the text box What are you thinking? to alter the privacy settings for any future posts you will make on your profile. Then, in the window that appears, click the icon () next to the newsroom section from news, choose your desired privacy choice (ex. Friends), and click OK.


So, In this way You will able to disable the share button posts on your facebook. Hope you got everything you wanted regarding this topic.

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