How Can I Delete My Facebook Account On Words With Friends

How To Delete Words with Friends Account

Today, we’ll go through how to delete words from a friends account. The majority of individuals are curious about how I erase my words from my friends’ accounts. We can assist you with deleting your account with friends. All you have to do now is follow a few simple steps. After that, you’ll be able to erase your words shared with pals.

Words with Friends is a multi-player crossword puzzle game that can be played online. The majority of individuals like playing the game of words with their pals. We’ve recently noticed that some individuals desire to remove their friend’s account’s words. As a result, we created the blog. It will assist you in deleting your friend’s account’s words.

Some individuals wish to remove words from their accounts with pals. They got unsolicited letters from a Words with Friends account. And it clogs up the inboxes of consumers. Some people need to permanently deactivate their accounts. We have included all of the instructions for deleting words with friends account in the area below.

Words With Friends is a company that focuses on the exchange of words between friends.

The business Words with Friends was founded in 2009. They then go on to become one of the most popular online puzzle games. The majority of individuals like playing the game of words with their pals. They have a user base of ten million people.

How can I delete my account on Words with Friends?

We’ll show you how to erase words with friends account in the section below. By sending a letter, you may simply erase your words with friend’s account. But first, let’s send an email. The next step should be read. It will assist you in deleting your friend’s account’s words.

By Mail, Delete Your Words with Friends Account

Sending an email is a good way to get in touch with someone. Your account may be simply deleted. However, you must know how to compose an email in order to remove words from your friends account.

  1. Open the email address you used to create the account.
  2. Now write an email to [email protected] and include the email address in the subject line.
  4. Now, compose an email requesting that your account details be changed to match the dummy account example provided below, and send it.


We hope you’ve figured out how to erase your words with friends account. If you find the information in this article helpful, please share it with others. Then, and only then, share the post with everyone. It will assist them in understanding how to remove words from their friends’ accounts.

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